code Stories March 12, 2015

Google Code is joining the Google product graveyard, project creation disabled today

Google has announced today that it is shutting down its project hosting service, Google Code. Its main competitor GitHub has long been seen as the ubiquitous code and project management platform, and even Google itself has long been moving its own open source projects “to meet developers where they are.” Google says that project creation on Google Code is already disabled…

Beginning today, we have disabled new project creation on Google Code. We will be shutting down the service about 10 months from now on January 25th, 2016. Below, we provide links to migration tools designed to help you move your projects off of Google Code. We will also make ourselves available over the next three months to those projects that need help migrating from Google Code to other hosts.

In August of this year, Google Code will become read-only, meaning users will not be able to edit or change existing projects. As the name suggests, however, users will be able to read and view project source until January 25, 2016 when the project hosting service will be closed completely. If you have a project that needs to be migrated off of Google Code, the company suggests you use the Google Code to GitHub exporter tool.

code Stories December 16, 2014

Gmail now supports Content Security Policy to prevent extensions from loading unsafe code

Google has made several strides to improve the safety and reliability of Gmail in the past year, such as serving images through secure proxy servers and requiring an encrypted HTTPS connection. Looking to continue to that trend, Google announced on Tuesday that it has improved the security of Gmail on the desktop by adding support for Content Security Policy (CSP).

code Stories June 19, 2014



Google today announced that it’s launching a new initiative dubbed Made with Code that hopes to inspire girls to learn code and support computer science programs. While announcing the new program, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki noted in a blog post today that “fewer than one percent of high school girls express interest in majoring in computer science.” Here’s what girls that sign-up to participate will get through the program: expand full story

code Stories April 16, 2014


nexus 5 camera

Hints of new features have been found in the just-released Google Camera app. The APK — which was put under the microscope by Liam Spradlin of Android Police — contains references to an Advanced Camera Mode, Time Lapse Mode, and Wide Angle Mode. Additionally, Google has confirmed that the Camera app now captures Photo Spheres in 50 MP, making for a major upgrade  in image quality. expand full story

code Stories February 9, 2012


Rumors about Google Drive claim the product is Google’s new cloud file storage service. WSJ reported last night it is launching Google Drive in the coming weeks. Flickr user Sebastien Fuss (via GigaOm) discovered today that Google Docs is referencing the product through a code viewable in any browser, which reads: “Add to My Drive.” There is not any physical button in Google Docs, but the code reference is definitely interesting.

It should not be long before we see something out of Google. The Google Drive product will most likely integrate on Android and throughout its other services, like Google Docs and Google Plus.

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code Stories August 29, 2011


Google has just filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office detailing a coding language related to computer applications called ‘Spot’. There isn’t much more known about Spot as of yet, but it looks like GOOG has also registered a few Spot related domains including,,, and

Perhaps Spot is something being worked on by Google’s recent acquisition of Java guru James Gosling (who has voiced concerns with Android in the past). We’ll keep you posted as more becomes available.

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