Dashlane Stories March 1

Passkeys are coming up soon as a way of using your phone and its biometrics in place of traditional passwords, and Android 14 is set to bring native support for passkeys to apps, including Dashlane.

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Dashlane Stories April 28, 2021

Dashlane ‘Essentials’ password manager plan drops price to $3/mo in wake of LastPass debacle

The password manager market was thrown into turbulence last month when LastPass handicapped its popular free plans, a move that understandably left a sour taste for many. Today, Dashlane is revamping its password manager plans with a new and very affordable “Essentials” tier.

Dashlane Stories August 26, 2020

Dashlane adds support for Android 11’s keyboard-based autofill

Password managers have been able to use Android’s autofill APIs for a few years now. In Android 11, the feature is getting a boost. Your keyboard will be able to trigger autofill in Android 11, and now, Dashlane is adding support for that feature.

Dashlane Stories February 11, 2020

[Update: Back] Dashlane password manager extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store

As account security has become more important, having a good cross-platform password manager has become almost essential. Unfortunately, one of the more popular password managers, Dashlane, has had its extension removed from the Chrome Web Store due to privacy and permissions issues.

Dashlane Stories November 2, 2017

Dashlane 5.0 adds support for Android Oreo’s autofill feature and more

Managing passwords securely isn’t easy, but password managers like LastPass and Dashlane make it really simple. Today, Dashlane is launching its latest update, 5.0, and it brings support for one of Android Oreo’s best new features — autofill.

Dashlane Stories August 4, 2016


We all have a million passwords to keep track of, so tools that can help us keep them secure and also make them easier to use are always great. To make keeping track of passwords easier, Google has worked with Dashlane to create a new password management API called “Open YOLO” — which stands for “You Only Login Once.”

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