EU Antitrust Stories September 26, 2017

Google has been involved in a massive antitrust legal battle with the European¬†Union for the past few months and recently, it was handed the largest fine ever for its “Google Shopping” services. Today, Bloomberg is reporting that Google will split off that service in order to meet demands from that case.

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EU Antitrust Stories June 28, 2016

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The European Union has already filed two sets of antitrust charges against Google, the first accusing it of manipulating search results to favor its own products, the second alleging that Google forces Android device manufacturers to install its own apps and set Google search as the default.

Last summer, it was reported that the company may face a third antitrust case in Europe, this time for abusing its dominant position in advertising, and the¬†WSJ reports that the EU is currently preparing to files these charges, possibly next month …

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