antitrust Stories May 15

Justice Department, state investigations into Google ‘likely’ becoming antitrust lawsuits

Last September, federal and state governments announced an antitrust investigation into Google. A new report today says that the US Department of Justice and state attorneys general are likely to proceed with a lawsuit in the coming months.

antitrust Stories September 9, 2019

Alphabet on Friday disclosed that the Department of Justice asked for information and documents related to past antitrust investigations ahead of a possible new federal inquiry. As rumored last week, state attorneys general today announced their own look into Google.

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antitrust Stories September 6, 2019

In July, the US Justice Department announced a broad review of Big Tech and whether companies are limiting competition. Alphabet today revealed that it received a “a civil investigative demand from the DOJ” related to antitrust.

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antitrust Stories September 3, 2019

Report: State attorneys general announcing Google antitrust investigation next week

In recent years, Silicon Valley and Big Tech has been under increasing antitrust scrutiny. An investigation by state attorneys general into Google’s market power could be announced as soon as next week.

antitrust Stories July 30, 2019

Big Tech is due for meaningful regulation in the United States from both sides of the political aisle. On the Democratic one, several presidential candidates — most notably Elizabeth Warren — have laid out plans on how they would break up companies. Interviews with Googlers reveal that some support regulatory action.

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antitrust Stories March 8, 2019

The criticism of Big Tech has been a long-time coming, and today it emerged as a likely talking and policy point during the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren and current Senator has just proposed to break up Google, alongside Amazon and Facebook.

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