Google Shopping Stories December 2, 2020

As it does every year, Google is sharing its “Top 100” gifts, a collection of products the company expects to rise in popularity during the month of December. Here’s what took the crown this year.

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Google Shopping Stories October 22, 2020

Google Shopping adds ‘price insights’ to help determine whether you’ve found a good deal

Google Shopping launched last year with a nifty price tracking feature that notifies you of sales. Ahead of the holiday season, Google Shopping is adding “price insights.”

Google Shopping Stories September 16, 2020

For obvious reasons, Google says there’s been a spike over the past few months from customers looking for “curbside pickup” and “safe shopping” options in their local communities. To help serve those needs, Google is introducing a couple of new features including a “nearby” filter so you’ll know when a product you’re looking for is in stock nearby.

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Google Shopping Stories July 23, 2020

To aid COVID-19 response, it’s now free for retailers to list products on Google Shopping, while they now also appear in Search. The company’s next step is to make “Buy on Google” checkout commission-free.

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Google Shopping Stories June 29, 2020

Back in April, Google announced that all merchants can have their goods appear for free in the Shopping tab. Those free product listings are now coming to the main Google Search results page.

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Google Shopping Stories May 11, 2020

In the craziness of a world affected by the coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce has become more popular than ever and has also led to hefty delays in shipping. To help customers find products locally, Google is now showing a “curbside pickup” badge for local shopping ads.

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