formatting Stories February 24, 2016


After rolling out voice typing functionality to Google Docs on the web in Chrome back in September, today the web app is adding the ability to make edits using your voice too.

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formatting Stories August 28, 2015

Inbox by Gmail finally gets text formatting for replies on the web

If you’ve felt like the email reply functionality for Inbox on the web has been a bit too light on features, you’re definitely not alone. Thankfully, Google is one of many companies in Silicon Valley that does a pretty good job of listening to their users’ feedback. As of a recent update, you can now find inline formatting options while replying to emails in Inbox by Gmail.

The announcement was recently made on Google+, mentioning that you can now do numbered and bulleted lists, as well as bold, italicize, and underline text. Additionally, you can create links as you have long been able to do in almost all email clients since the dawn of time. There are still lotsĀ of features that Inbox could benefit from, but it’s nice that Google responded to constant pleas for more robust reply functions.

You can head over to the Inbox website to try it out.

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