galaxy j7 Stories March 29, 2016

Samsung unveils all-new metal-bodied Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J5 for 2016

Samsung has finally, albeit quietly, launched the new J-series handsets for 2016. The new low-end phones have improved specs on last year, and unlike previous generations, they come with a sturdy, sculpted metal chassis similar to the A-series phones. If the prices are close to those of last generation, these could be very competitive phones (at least by Samsung’s standards).

galaxy j7 Stories June 19, 2015

Samsung launches the Galaxy J7 and J5 in China, its first phones with front-facing camera flash

Samsung has launched its first two phones with front-facing camera flash, a feature aimed at a younger crowd that might want to take selfies in lower light. The phones were announced in China today, and are scheduled to be released over the coming week.

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