Glass Explorers Stories December 3, 2013

Want Google Glass? Know an Explorer? Go buy them a drink …

If a Glass Explorer friend has been making you jealous while you wait impatiently for your chance to get hold of the gadget, now would be a good time to buy them a drink. Selected Glass Explorers have been given the opportunity to purchase a second headset for a friend in an email from Google, reports Glass Almanac.

Explorers were given the opportunity to invite up to three friends in September, but this is the first time Google has allowed them to actually purchase a second Glass. Explorers will also be given the chance to trade in their own units for the second generation model, but it’s not yet known what – if anything – this will cost.

There’s still no news on when Glass may go on public sale, beyond a widespread assumption that it will be sometime next year.


Glass Explorers Stories October 31, 2013

Google opens Glass accessory store in another step towards public launch

Google has opened an online store selling accessories for Glass, another small step towards a public launch of the product.

The store is only accessible to owners of the Explorer edition, via the My Glass control panel, and currently offers just four products, only one of which is shown as being in stock.

  • Extra Mono Earbud: $50 (out of stock)
  • Clear Shield: $75
  • Extra Cable and Charger: $50 (out of stock)
  • Extra Pouch: $50 (out of stock)

Google has as yet given no indication when the gadget might go on public sale. There was a small flurry of activity back in July, when Google dropped the ‘Project’ prefix, added support for Glass to the Play Store and took a stake in Himax, a chipmaker specialising in drivers for micro-displays.

Things then went pretty quiet until a couple of days ago, when Google revealed a second-generation design, advising that existing Explorers would be able to upgrade.

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