Google app launcher Stories December 16, 2019

At the top-right corner of every Google app on the web is your profile avatar to switch accounts and access settings, as well as an app launcher. The latter component is seeing a new design today that’s been refreshed with the Material Theme and is more compact.

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Google app launcher Stories July 26, 2017

To help users find and use some of its web applications, Google has a launcher placed on the top right corner of its websites. When clicked, the launcher expands to show some of Google’s most popular web services. It’s in the news again because starting on August 1st, Google will be reorganizing its application layout within the launcher.

Do you ever use Google’s web app launcher?

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Google app launcher Stories July 25, 2017

Back in February, the Google Bar found on the upper-right corner of every Google web page was updated with a faster notification panel that uses Material Design. Today’s update is more minor and sees a new default layout for the app launcher that prioritizes key Google services.

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