Google bar Stories March 7, 2019

At the top-right corner of every Google web page is your profile icon, web app launcher, and notifications. Google is now planning to deprecate the oft-used Notifications Widget from the navigation bar next month.

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Google bar Stories April 26, 2018

Google bar in G Suite redesigned to include app logo/name, tweaked company branding

Yesterday’s launch of the new Gmail includes a plethora of new features and design tweaks, with some coming to other Google apps in the future. One of those changes is to the Google bar for G Suite users.

Google bar Stories July 26, 2017

To help users find and use some of its web applications, Google has a launcher placed on the top right corner of its websites. When clicked, the launcher expands to show some of Google’s most popular web services. It’s in the news again because starting on August 1st, Google will be reorganizing its application layout within the launcher.

Do you ever use Google’s web app launcher?

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Google bar Stories July 25, 2017

Back in February, the Google Bar found on the upper-right corner of every Google web page was updated with a faster notification panel that uses Material Design. Today’s update is more minor and sees a new default layout for the app launcher that prioritizes key Google services.

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Google bar Stories February 21, 2017


Back in May, a minor tweak was made to the Google bar found at the top of all the company’s web apps. Now, the notification panel is receiving a Material revamp that also improves the loading speed.

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Google bar Stories May 31, 2016

User first names are being removed from the Google bar on web apps

Starting today, the Google bar found on the company’s various web apps will no longer display a user’s first name. This minor visual tweak makes the sites look cleaner and will rollout to both regular and enterprise accounts.

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