Gratus Stories June 5, 2018

Francisco Franco’s Gratus app gets a fresh new look w/ Google’s Material Theming framework

If you’ve followed the Android space for a while, the name Francisco Franco might ring a bell. The well-known developer has created some fantastic apps over the years and last year, he introduced “Gratus.” Now, that app has been updated with an overhauled design based on Google’s new Material Theming framework.

Gratus Stories August 29, 2017

Francisco Franco’s Gratus app updated w/ major performance improvements, custom colors, and more

Last month well-known developer Francisco Franco debuted his latest creation to the world, Gratus. The simple app designed to let you remember what you are grateful for launched with a gorgeous material design look and a handful of features, and today it’s getting its first major update.

Gratus Stories July 19, 2017


Francisco Franco is one of our favorite developers of indie Android apps, and his latest app very much shares the useful and beautiful nature of his productivity timer app 5217. Gratus is geared towards capturing what you’re grateful for and then reminding you with notifications and widgets throughout the day…

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