HTC One A9s Stories September 1, 2016

HTC, as expected, has today announced HTC One A9s, the successor to last year’s iPhone-copy. Sadly, though, this one doesn’t make any real improvements over the lackluster spec sheet and overall package of last year’s model. Rather, the phone is seemingly HTC’s attempt to trim as many frills as possible from the flop that was the A9 in an attempt to drop the price…

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HTC One A9s Stories August 29, 2016

Remember when HTC closely examined an iPhone 6‘s shell and decided that a more flattened home button and their very own logo were enough to rebrand it as “One A9” and call it a day? If you do — and are among those who ridiculed the company for such a blatant and shameless copy of what arguably is the most popular phone around — you’re in for some fun.

Apparently, the Taiwanese company did everything but a 180 in regards to the A9’s successor, and actually followed Cupertino’s footsteps even more closely…

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