Lenovo Z5 Stories June 5, 2018

Notched displays are all the rage in 2018 with basically everyone jumping on board the train. Some OEMs, though, have looked past the trend to tried to create smartphones that lack that compromise and truly ditch all of the bezels. Lenovo’s Z5 was thought to be one of those, but it turns out that was just a big lie…

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Lenovo Z5 Stories May 31, 2018

Lenovo will unveil its notch-less, bezel-less Z5 smartphone on June 5th

Smartphone makers have been at a war on bezels for the past couple of years, but because some other technologies haven’t quite caught up, many have had to make compromises to still make a usable device. Now, though, Lenovo is officially confirming that it will launch a device without those compromises on June 5th.

Lenovo Z5 Stories May 14, 2018

Smartphone makers are at war with display bezels, with screens taking over more and more of the phone each year. Now, Lenovo is teasing a concept device which is “truly” all-screen…

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