LG Innotek Stories May 2, 2016

In flagship devices today, a fingerprint reader is almost a given. We use it for not just unlocking our device, but also a slew of security features which allow us not to deal with the hassle of passwords, and now a series of mobile payment services — notably Chase banking and Google‘s own Android Pay — are making their way to our phones.

In all handsets, these scanners usually hide underneath a physical home button, or are otherwise implemented on the back of the phones via a dedicated sensor. However,  LG‘s subsidiary Innotek has developed an under-glass fingerprint sensor module, which could come into production as early as this year…

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LG Innotek Stories August 18, 2014


The Korea Times is reporting that LG is planning to show off a successor to its G Watch wearable at IFA next month. The report, citing an unnamed LG official, claims that the device will go by the LG G Watch 2 moniker and be more high-end than the current generation G Watch. LG is reportedly planning to market the device as a competitor to Apple’s supposed, still unannounced iWatch.

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