Lincoln Stories June 17, 2021

Lincoln announces plans to adopt Android Automotive in future cars, EVs

Android Auto is usually thought of as just a way to mirror your phone’s relevant content up on a car’s display, but there’s also a native version that can run an entire vehicle’s infotainment system. This week, Lincoln has announced plans to use native Android Auto in some of its future vehicles.

Lincoln Stories November 19, 2013

See Abraham Lincoln’s handwritten Gettysburg Address in hi-res at Google Cultural Institute

There’s nothing that makes history real quite like seeing original, handwritten documents. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was just 272 words long and reportedly took just two minutes to deliver, yet has been widely recognised as one of the most important speeches ever given, playing a key role in re-uniting the USA after the civil war and reminding the nation of its founding principles.

You can now view all five handwritten copies in high resolution at Google’s Cultural Institute website on the 150th anniversary of the famous speech. The online exhibit is supported by contemporary drawings, plans and reports and is well worth a visit.

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