Android Automotive Stories March 12

Spotify brings ‘Group Session’ multi-user controls to Android Automotive on Polestar 2

Launched last year, Spotify “Group Sessions” enable users of the service to come together and control the same playlist from their own devices. Now, Spotify Group Sessions are expanding to Android Auto… at least the in-car version running on Polestar 2.

Android Automotive Stories March 2

Google’s car OS today is available on the Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40 Recharge, with many more vehicles coming down the road. Volvo today announced the C40 Recharge as a follow-up that also uses Android Automotive.

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Android Automotive Stories February 1

Ford this morning announced a wide-ranging partnership with Google to help the automaker adapt to “seismic changes as new technology transforms the way people move.” Ford and Lincoln cars will soon use Android Automotive, while there’s also a cloud component to this deal.

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Android Automotive Stories January 27

The two cars that Android Automotive currently powers are both electric. Ahead of Google’s dashboard experience coming to more vehicles, the built-in Google Maps app is improving how you find EV charging stations.

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Android Automotive Stories September 2, 2020

Following Android Automotive’s launch with the Polestar 2, Google released a support page for car owners. It specifically focuses on how to use Google Assistant, Maps, and the Play Store, starting with the set-up process.

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Android Automotive Stories August 3, 2020

Android Automotive will run natively on vehicles from Vauxhall, Opel, Peugeot, more

With its Android Automotive OS, Google has been helping to offer a more powerful, modern infotainment system to car manufacturers. That system has only debuted on a few models to date, but it’s going to make an expansion in the next few years as Android Automotive is being adopted by Groupe PSA.

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