Office Lens Stories February 3, 2021

Microsoft rebrands Office Lens and adds enhanced scanning features

Microsoft is on a roll at this early stage of 2021 with several Android app overhauls already underway. Another notable but important change is to Office Lens, which has now officially been rebranded to “Microsoft Lens.” That’s not all, as the app has also added some much-needed new scanning features.

Office Lens Stories May 27, 2015


Continuing with Microsoft’s new mission under CEO Satya Nadella to make its productivity software available everywhere that potential customers are, the company officially released its Office Lens document scanner app for Android today to the Google Play Store.

Microsoft ran a public preview of Office Lens for Android from April 2nd up until today through the Google+ communities method, which they say had over 130,000 testers, and Android was the only place where they tested it with users before launch. Here’s how the company describes the functionality of Office Lens in its announcement: expand full story

Office Lens Stories April 2, 2015

Office Lens

Microsoft is bringing its OneNote scanner app called Office Lens to Android after first launching on Windows Phone a year ago. Office Lens is similar to other on-the-go scanner apps letting you use your Android smartphone camera to capture information from receipts, documents, and other information around you. Office Lens is different, however, because it’s connected directly with OneNote, Microsoft’s cloud-syncing notebook service.

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