OSOM OV1 Stories June 25

The smartphone market has, for years now, been dominated by Samsung, Apple, and a mix of a handful of other major brands. That’s led to startups usually competing for a sliver of the market, and often turning the page on their original fanbase after reaching a bigger market. This week, two startup Android brands, Nothing and OSOM, both pulled some controversial moves – are you still interested in either of them?

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OSOM OV1 Stories June 23

The OSOM OV1 was a new Android smartphone built from the bones of Essential, but it’s now being rebranded as a crypto/web3 device, the “Solana Saga.”

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OSOM OV1 Stories March 10

OSOM offers a first look at the front of its Essential Phone sequel, bezels and all

The OSOM OV1 is an upcoming privacy-focused Android phone coming from the team, but not the company responsible for 2017’s Essential Phone. After teasing the design last week, OSOM has just offered a first look at the front of the OV1, bezels and all.

OSOM OV1 Stories March 3

The Essential Phone is dead, long live the Essential Phone! That seems to be at least part of the sentiment behind OSOM, the privacy-focused smartphone startup that’s soon to unveil its first device. This week, OSOM offered a peek into what the OV1 will bring to the table, a few ways it will learn from and live up to the Essential Phone’s legacy, and a delay spawned from a chip upgrade.

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OSOM OV1 Stories December 22, 2021

Essential employed a lot of talented folks, which was perhaps the saddest part of the death of the Essential PH-1 and the company behind it. However, many members of that team have been working on a new company, OSOM, which is today finally offering a first look at its upcoming OV1 smartphone.

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