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Shot for Shot: Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera vs Pixel 7 Pro – You pick the winner [Gallery]

It’s hard to find a bad smartphone camera in the year 2023, but with expectations so high, picking what the better camera is really comes down to personal preference and splitting hairs about where one camera does better than the other. As it stands today, the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro are widely regarded to have the best cameras in Android phones but with wildly different approaches to the same end goal. Which is better? Today, we want you to decide.

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Shot for Shot: Capturing spring with Pixel 6 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Android’s best cameras [Gallery]

The best camera in any situation is the one you have with you, and most of the time, that’s the camera on your smartphone. That’s why, over the past few years, mobile photography has become a crucial part of flagship smartphones, and the results are often incredible. But who has the best smartphone camera on Android? In “Shot for Shot,” we’ll let your eyes be the judge.

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Shot for Shot: Pixel 6 Pro’s telephoto lens rounds out the experience, but is 4x enough?

The Pixel 6 series is the biggest revamp to Google’s camera experience since its beginning, and as we covered in our recent review, the results are stunning. One of the bigger additions is the Pixel 6 Pro’s telephoto lens, but with it not being available on the smaller Pixel 6, is it really that important? Let’s take a look.

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Shot for Shot: Pixel 5’s awful zoom performance is why I’m excited for the Pixel 6 Pro

Google made a big splash in 2016 with its original Pixel, not necessarily in terms of sales, but in terms of showing what a smartphone camera could really be capable of. The company has held up its camera prowess for the most part in the time since, but some areas have fallen behind the competition. Zoom is perhaps the biggest area the Pixel 5 falls behind, and it’s why I’m crazy excited to get my hands on a Pixel 6 Pro.

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Shot for Shot: Does Hasselblad finally turn OnePlus into a real camera contender? [Gallery]

oneplus 9 pro

The OnePlus 9 series delivers updated specs, refreshed designs, and higher prices, but the biggest point of emphasis on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro is the camera array. A new partnership with Hasselblad is being massively hyped up, but is it actually an improvement? We’ve been putting them to the test, and the pictures speak for themselves.

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