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OnePlus 9 Pro

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Shot for Shot: Capturing spring with Pixel 6 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Android’s best cameras [Gallery]

The best camera in any situation is the one you have with you, and most of the time, that’s the camera on your smartphone. That’s why, over the past few years, mobile photography has become a crucial part of flagship smartphones, and the results are often incredible. But who has the best smartphone camera on Android? In “Shot for Shot,” we’ll let your eyes be the judge.

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OnePlus is limiting the performance of popular Android apps to save battery life [Updated]

oneplus september 2021 update

OnePlus flagships are among the most high-power smartphones you can buy, and if benchmarks are your deciding factor, they’re often near the top of any list. However, like many other brands before it, OnePlus has just been caught red-handed limiting the performance of most apps but paving the streets in gold for benchmarking apps.

Update 7/12: This article has been updated to include a forum post where OnePlus offered further details about this practice.

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