SlideShare Stories February 5, 2015

Google brings six new Android apps to Chrome OS, including Yo and SlideShare

Google has announced that six new Android apps are available for computers running Chrome OS. The new apps include the Yo messaging service, the SlideShare presentation sharing software, and Tapatalk forum client.

Other new additions include the Dormi baby monitor software, chromatic tuner app Waves, and a shopping app called Slice.

All of the new apps run within the Android Runtime plugin for Chrome OS that was debuted last year. The company solicits suggestions from the public to determine which apps it should bring to the platform next. You can find the complete collection of Chrome-compatible Android apps on the Google Chrome Web Store.


SlideShare Stories March 28, 2012

Just when the tech-world is seemingly about to explode with apps—apps for Android, apps for iPhone, apps for set-top boxes, apps for computers, apps for Facebook—Google adds to the bubbling pot with Google+ Hangout apps.

Google Product Manager Amit Fulay announced on Google+ today the first implementation of apps in the social network’s standout multi-person video chat feature:

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