yo Stories February 5, 2015

Google brings six new Android apps to Chrome OS, including Yo and SlideShare

Google has announced that six new Android apps are available for computers running Chrome OS. The new apps include the Yo messaging service, the SlideShare presentation sharing software, and Tapatalk forum client.

Other new additions include the Dormi baby monitor software, chromatic tuner app Waves, and a shopping app called Slice.

All of the new apps run within the Android Runtime plugin for Chrome OS that was debuted last year. The company solicits suggestions from the public to determine which apps it should bring to the platform next. You can find the complete collection of Chrome-compatible Android apps on the Google Chrome Web Store.


yo Stories August 28, 2014


Motorola recently concluded a giveaway for its upcoming Moto 360. The giveaway was a collaboration between Motorola and Yo app which was announced yesterday with a very simple rule. First, download and install Yo on your device, then send Motorola a Yo and wait until Aug. 28, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. CT. Easy enough, right?

Motorola would then send a Yo link to all entrants and the first 20 people to click the link would win a Moto 360. Well, that’s kind of how it seemed, but that wasn’t actually the case. Motorola successfully sent a Yo link to all who initially entered, but it was a bit more complicated than just clicking a link.

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yo Stories August 27, 2014


Motorola is expected to finally unveil its circular Moto 360 smartwatch at a press event on September 4th. We already know a lot about the device, but two key details that are missing are the price and release date. This afternoon, however, the company announced that it is giving 20 people an early chance at winning a Moto 360.

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