Solis Stories October 17, 2018

Quite a while back, Google opened the Assistant to other device manufacturers, which created the opportunity for Google Home experiences with a greater audio experience than Google’s own speakers offer. SōLIS is one of many brands seeking to do so this year with their new SO-2000 smart speaker.

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Solis Stories March 26, 2018

Wireless speakers are a dime a dozen, but finding speakers that sound good, look good, and pack functionality you want can be harder to come by. Lately, I’ve been testing out two Chromecast-enabled speakers from SōLIS, and they might just be worth your hard-earned dollar…

SōLIS is an audio company you’ve probably never heard of before, but they specialize in high-end audio gear. Over the past several weeks, I’ve been testing out two of those with the SōLIS SO-3000 and SO-6000.

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Solis Stories January 16, 2018

SōLIS SO-2000 is a Google Assistant-powered bedside clock with a 10W speaker

CES 2018 featured a crazy amount of new Google Assistant speakers last week, and one of the more interesting options that flew under the radar was the SōLIS SO-2000.

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