star trek Stories March 17, 2022

Following the appearance of a Z Fold last week, Star Trek: Picard is now using Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 to make a much more realistic Tricorder prop.

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star trek Stories March 11, 2022

‘Star Trek: Picard’ warps a Galaxy Z Fold into the 25th century [Gallery]

Star Trek serves as the inspiration for various technologies that are only now coming into existence. For example, Google Now was codenamed “Majel” after Majel Barrett, the voice of computers throughout the franchise. The opposite is now happening as Star Trek: Picard sure looks like it’s using Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold as a prop.

star trek Stories November 23, 2015


In an exclusive interview with TIME, Google’s chief software engineer Amit Singhal revealed that the company once developed a wearable product which works in a similar manner to the Communicator pin badges worn by the Enterprise crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Bluetooth-connected lapel pin could be activated by a single tap and had a built-in microphone…

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star trek Stories August 20, 2014

Google granted yet another Glass patent, this time for a Star Trek-like visor

Yesterday we told you about a patent that was granted to Google last week, featuring what appears to be an alternate design for Google Glass. Described as a “wearable display device,” the patent shows a pair of normal glasses with the display technology fitted on the inside—which is unlike the current model’s externally-fitted projector and prism. 

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