Substratum Stories June 14, 2018

When the first Android P Developer Preview began to roll out, users noticed that they were no longer able to theme their devices using the Substratum theming engine. After over 11 thousand people signed a petition demanding that this “feature” be added back, Google has released a comment.

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Substratum Stories March 7, 2018

Android P DP1: Custom overlays such as Substratum no longer work

Last year, Android Oreo came with the Overlay Manager Service (OMS) built-in. With this and the Substratum theming engine, users were able to change the look of almost every aspect of their phone without needing to have root. Unfortunately, it looks like Android P removed this…

Substratum Stories September 12, 2017

Last month it was discovered that with the release of Android 8.0 Oreo, users would be able to theme the operating system’s UI without the need to root their handsets. With the use of the Substratum theming engine, users can use Android’s Overlay Manager Service (OMS) to change up the look of almost every aspect of the OS. Here’s a quick look at how to do this…

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