traffic Stories June 30, 2015


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I honestly can’t think back far enough to remember the days when people had to rely on paper maps to navigate to places, but I can still appreciate how the combination of Google Maps and the Google-owned Waze makes life much easier than ever before. The one dedicated GPS I ever owned couldn’t even beat my Nexus 5 because it’s arrival estimates always seemed completely off-base. Unsurprising really, because unlike Google Maps, it didn’t have real-time information about traffic density on the roads my route would take me on. Now, Maps users in 12 cities in India will be able to enjoy the same real-time traffic information we have stateside.

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traffic Stories July 30, 2014

Google Analytics gains bot and spider filtering to better identify real traffic

Google Analytics has been updated with bot and spider filtering, a useful feature that excludes all hits from known bots and spiders so that webmasters can gain a better understanding of where real traffic is coming from. The checkbox for enabling this feature can be found by clicking View Settings under All Website Data on the Admin page in Google Analytics. 

traffic Stories September 26, 2011


Analyst Experian Hitwise has published numbers saying Google Plus’s traffic has spiked 1269% this past week, since the service opened to everyone. Last week, Plus recieved 15 million visits rather than the on average 1 million.

The traffic spike was most likely helped out by Google’s blunt advertising for Plus. Experian Hitwise’s numbers don’t include mobile users (which probably isn’t much) or users from Google’s black bar. To compliment the amount of visitors Paul Allen has also been throwing out their that the social network is now up to 43 million users. (via ReadWriteWeb)

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