VP9 Stories April 14, 2015

Google’s WebM video format comes to Adobe Premiere Pro via new plugin

Fnord Software has today announced that they’re releasing a free plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC that adds support for Google’s WebM video format. But the plugin doesn’t just add WebM support to Premiere Pro CC, but also other parts of Adobe Creative Cloud including Adobe Media Encoder and more.

VP9 Stories January 2, 2014

youtube-logoOver the last few months, interest 4k TVs, monitors, and content has increased dramatically. YouTube has been streaming content in 4k for a while now, but using Flash. GigaOm is now reporting, however, that at CES next week, YouTube will introduce 4k streaming using its new VP9 codec. This is a new royalty-free codec developer by Google as an alternative to H.265 video codec used by other 4k video implementations.

Back in 2010, Google tried to gain traction with its VP8 codec, but due to tough competition and a lack of hardware support, those plans didn’t exactly pan out. In order to avoid the same issues with VP9, Google has already lined up a large number of hardware partners. At CES, LG, Panasonic and Sony will be demonstrating 4k content with the VP9 codec, while 19 other companies have agreed to support the codec, including ARM, Intel, Broadcom, Marvell, Toshiba, Sharp, and Samsung.

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