Adobe Stories May 4

Last year, Adobe released a Gmail Add-on for Creative Cloud for quick access and saving. An update to the Creative Cloud Add-on for Google Workspace today extends that functionality to Google Docs and Slides.

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Adobe Stories October 28, 2020

Adobe XD’s new Google Assistant Preview plugin simplifies voice app development

Voice interaction has flourished in recent years as Google brings Assistant to more and more form factors. Adobe XD is now picking up a Google Assistant integration to make it faster to prototype voice experiences.

Adobe Stories July 20, 2020

Earlier this year, Google lost the Pixel’s chief camera engineer amid criticism about the Pixel 4. Marc Levoy has now landed at Adobe as a “Vice President and Fellow” working on the Photoshop Camera, computational photography, and other research projects.

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Adobe Stories June 11, 2020

After officially being announced in late 2019, Adobe Photoshop Camera is now available to download on the Google Play Store.

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Adobe Stories May 22, 2020

Adobe is using Android’s share, ‘open with’ menus to advertise its apps

Adobe appears to be testing out a strategy that Microsoft was bashed for not long ago. With some users, Adobe is showing advertisements for its other Android applications in the operating system’s share menu.

Adobe Stories March 6, 2020

Back in January, Google widely launched G Suite Add-ons to allow third-party integrations across products like Calendar and Drive. Adobe today announced a plug-in that lets Gmail users quickly access Creative Cloud.

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