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Samsung might have planned on being the first to market with a flexible OLED screen with a special edition of its Galaxy Note 3, but it looks like LG too will soon be launching its first smartphone to incorporate curved display. According to a translated report from ZD Net (via UnwiredView), LG is prepping an “LG Z” smartphone that will be the company’s first to utilize that flexible display technology it’s been working on.

We don’t get many details from the report, but it does claim that the device is already in mass production and could debut as early as this month.

It’s worth pointing out that we still don’t have any real official details on either of these curved devices from Samsung or LG, but we’re guessing the first generation of flexible display smartphones will likely sport a rather rigid casing that will make the product appear curved, opposed to actually being flexible in one’s hand.

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Tech blogger Robert Scoble photographed using Google Glass excitedly in the shower (dailymail.co.uk)

Tech blogger Robert Scoble photographed proudly using Google Glass in the shower (<a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2318217/Google-Glass-HACKED-transmit-hear--experts-warn-thing-doesnt-know-thoughts.html" target="_blank">dailymail.co.uk</a>)

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared his concern last night at the D11 conference that Google Glass will likely only appeal to certain vertical markets, but I’m not entirely certain this is the type of vertical market Cook had in mind.

ZDnet has uncovered a certain niche market for Google Glass that we probably all expected: porn.

In an interview with MiKandi Co-founder Jennifer McEwen, we learn that the adult entertainment company is on the brink of debuting the first Glassware with porn in mind:

Obviously, Glass is perfect for shooting POV video, so we’re experimenting with that first. But what’s really interesting about Glass is that it’s not just a hands free camera. It can receive and send data, so there are a lot of interesting interactions that we want to explore.

Being hands-free and hassle-free is a simple but big difference Glass has over other similar devices. It’s so easy and familiar to wear, that from a shooter’s perspective it feels like you’re recording with your own eyes. Because it feels so natural, you can forget about the technology and just be in the moment.

On top of that, with Glass you can share and interact with fans and followers, allowing them intimate access to your experiences. It’s like being John Malkovich where you’re viewing the world through someone else’s eyes.

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News broke earlier today that Apple is buying mobile security company AuthenTec for $365 million. The company makes the majority of its money from fingerprint sensors and various security tools. AuthenTec also made a deal just last week with Samsung to implement its VPN technology in some of its Android devices. Many have speculated why Apple decided to make the purchase, and some point to the possibility of using AuthenTec’s technology in a future wallet solution. A report from ZDnet’s Larry Dignan offers another reason: simply to “beat Samsung to the punch.” Citing a report from analyst Richard Shannon, who recently said AuthenTec’s technology would be critical to Samsung, Dignan explained:

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