Boy Genius Report claims it has learned that carrier Verizon Wireless landed an exclusive deal with Samsung for the upcoming Droid Prime, the next Google-branded superphone. It is said to carry a model number SCH-i515 and launch on the Verizon network in October:

Apparently, “Verizon doesn’t think the Samsung Galaxy S II will be competitive with the iPhone 5 when it launches.” Instead, not only is Verizon launching the Samsung DROID Prime, a device that is sure to be the new flagship Android phone ahead of the holidays, but the company will have the handset as an exclusive.

What’s best, the Droid Prime should be the first smartphone to run Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich software, basically Android 4.0 with a unified set of features on both smartphones and tablets. The publication previously wrote that the Droid Prime should sport a Super AMOLED HD display, probably 720p, and Texas Instrument’s OMAP4460 processor rather than Samsung’s own dual-core chip.

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2 Responses to “BGR: Verizon lands Samsung Droid Prime exclusive, due in November”

  1. Larry says:

    If the next Google-branded superphone is a Verizon only I am really considering jumping on the iPhone band wagon.