Google staffers, also known as Googlers, claim their free Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Google knows how to take care of its employees. According to a Google Plus post by Edu Pereda, a software engineer at Google’s Swiss offices, the company is treating each employee with a customized Galaxy Nexus smartphone for Christmas. 9to5Google learned the United States versions are going to be Verizon.

The Next Web’s Matt Brian explained that the search giant teamed with Samsung to outfit the Galaxy Nexus with a customized back cover depicting many Google Plus and Android icons (see the image below). Hardware specifications remain unchanged, though.

Apparently Google’s London and Zurich operations were both confirmed to have handed out free devices to employees, requiring staff to line up and claim the handsets, as shown in the above photograph.

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2 Responses to “Christmas comes early as Googlers get special edition Galaxy Nexus phones”

  1. RS500 says:

    .2 vs .3 is changes that deal with LTE. your not missing out on anything.

  2. jim says:

    they better learn how to release and update

    they already released 4.0.2 last week and my galaxy nexus still says that my phone is up to date even though its version is 4.0.1

    What kills me more is knowing that nexus s has 4.0.3 !!!!!!!!!!!!