A report today from USA Today claimed the “big buzz” leading up to Consumer Electronics Show 2012 is smart TVs, specifically due to the biggest TV vendors anticipating the launch of an Apple branded HDTV. On the Google TV side of things, Sony TV Vice President Brian Siegel cleared up some misconceptions and said HDTVs integrated with Google TV are among their best-selling TVs.

Google TV has come under criticism since its launch for having a clunky user interface and meager app offerings, among other issues, but that has not hindered sales of Sony TVs incorporating it. “They’re among the best-selling TVs we have. Media has done a real good job of beating it up,” says Brian Siegel, Sony TV vice president.

However, Siegel noted there are “lots of opportunities” to improve their Google TV offerings, but said built-in Google search is providing them with “good insight” on user behavior for the latest run of new smart TVs. He declined to comment on whether we would be seeing new Google TV-powered products or updates from Sony during CES.

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