The New York Times reported on a new forecast from research firm eMarketer that predicts Google will soon overtake Facebook as the leader in display ads by revenue. The research, which includes image and video on search, mobile, and display, predicted Google will take 15.4-precent of ad dollars this year, or roughly $2.31 billion, in comparison to 14.4-percent for Facebook. As noted by the New York Times, eMarketer predicted earlier in the year that Facebook would remain the leader in 2012; but if its new predictions come true, it means Google would be up 38.5-percent in its share of display ad dollars from 2011.

According to eMarketer, Google’s growth is coming from strong performance of mobile ads, YouTube display ads, and DoubleClick:

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EMarketer attributed Google’s ascendancy to stronger-than-expected performance from mobile ads, the success of display ads on YouTube and strong performance from DoubleClick. Also, it said Google has benefited because it has longtime relationships with advertisers from its years in the search ad business.

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