Image: Engadget

Image: Engadget

Twitter appears to be testing an official Twitter for Glass app, which would allow Google Glass users to tweet photos directly from the gadget, reports AllThingsD …

Earlier this week, Twilio developer Jon Gottfried hacked together his own rudimentary Twitter Glass application, using Google’s Glass API (released earlier this month in a limited form). He also decided to use that hashtag for tweets sent through his app, GlassTweet.

Funny enough, Gottfried noticed some other tweets showing up under the #throughglass hashtag. As was first reported by TechCrunch, these weren’t sent from Gottfried’s app, but had a “Twitter for Glass” label stamped on the bottom.

That Twitter for Glass app stamp is what gives the game away. As ATD points out, Twitter doesn’t allow third-party apps to include Twitter in the name. Checking out the now-deleted Twitter handle revealed it to belong to Shiv Ramamurthi, a mobile engineering manager at Twitter.

ATD‘s Mike Isaac suggests this is probably a planned leak by Twitter rather than a mistake, and we suspect he’s right: both the use of the #throughglass hashtag and the ease with which the source could be identified provide pretty good evidence of this.

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