When seemingly pulling rumors out of thin air, it helps to have a track-record.‘s Russell Holly does: he was the guy who told us that a stock Android version of the Samsung S4 would be announced, a day before it was. So when he claims claims rumors that a vanilla version of the HTC One is on the way are true, we pay a little more attention than usual to such things …

It’s unclear if a stock Android HTC One would be sold in the Play Store, or how exactly it would get to consumers. Sources claim that the phone is going to be make available in the US first, just like the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which could mean that it is being sold by Google.

HTC has denied the rumor, but then the company would presumably prefer to maximise sales of the existing HTC Sense version before any variant is released.

As Engadget notes, Holly’s story is a trifle confused:

It’s tough to make heads or tails of Holly’s report, especially since he follows the assertion that HTC is “considering” such a phone with a claim that it’ll be announced within the next two weeks.

But, like them, we certainly hope it’s true.

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