Google’s SVP of Android, Sundar Pichai just announced over 1 billion Android activations and the name of the next Android operating system on Twitter. Android 4.4 will be named after the Nestlé KitKat bar. A giant “chocolate” Android statue has also appeared alongside the previous Android mascots on Google’s campus.

As far as the changes in Android 4.4, Google says they are trying to “make an amazing Android experience available for everybody,” but so far there’s no indication of what that actually means.

To celebrate, Nestlé and Google have teamed up to giveaway a Nexus 7 and Google Play Store credits in specially-marked Kit Kat bars.

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8 Responses to “Android 4.4 has a name: KitKat”

  1. KitKat is a Hershey product, not Nestle.

  2. Is this serious or a joke? Its not April 1 but a partnership with a chocolate branded candy bar? And does that mean that next months big announcement is 4.4 and not a big 5.0 update? I was planning to stay with the Nexus line and Android but suddenly iPhone 5S seems like a much better option. This is SOOOO disappointment. Whats next iOS M&M? Are Android versions going to have naming rights like football stadiums? KitKat has to have paid a nice sum for this. WOW.

  3. is this a very, very late April fool’s joke from google?