There’s no doubting that CyanogenMod is one of the most well-known custom ROMs available, with it being available for a plethora of new and old devices. Last month, the CyanogenMod team announced that it had raised $7 million in funding and was looking into a direct-to-consumer route for installing the ROM. Today, Cyanogen Inc. has announced (via Droid Life) the CyanogenMod Installer. This app, available on Google Play now, allows users to install the custom ROM incredibly easily.

Once the app is downloaded to one of the compatible devices (list here), it will pair to companion computer software in order to perform the ROM flash. All the user must do is plug their device into the computer and simply hit “start.” The process will wipe everything from the device and install the latest CyanogenMod build. Both the app and computer software are free to download.

As far as device compatibility goes, Cyanogen says that it “will continue to work on supporting additional devices beyond the initial set,” but that for the moment, the software supports “the majority of flagship models currently on the market.”

This is an incredible feat for a company that only received funding last month. CyanogenMod Installer will allow for people who are not technologically-inclined to easily install the latest version of Android to their device.

You can download the app from the Play Store now, and the computer software from Cyanogen’s website.

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2 Responses to “New CyanogenMod Installer app makes it even easier to install the custom ROM”

  1. pcofranc says:

    It’s pocket PC “skins” & ROMS all over again. It never went beyond a tiny niche market – what is different this time around? Powertoys for power users good concepts but it will remain a solution in search of a problem for the majority of end users and for Android – further fragmentation of an already confusing generic UI – the antithesis of Apple.

    • jhs39 says:

      Yes Apple controlling what apps you can install and what modifications you are allowed to make to your phone is a wonderful, wonderful thing. All hail Apple! I’m sure those actresses whose private photos were stolen are much happier in knowing they were taken with an I-phone and uploaded to I-cloud whether they wanted them to be or not.