For those of you that aren’t going to make it to CES this year, Qualcomm has released several videos to its YouTube channel, showing off some of the features of its Snapdragon 805 processor. The videos focus mainly on the enhancements the chip can make to camera technology and styluses (via Engadget).

As far as cameras go, the videos show automatic close-up shots with the OptiZoon technology, continuous focusing with Touch to Track, and impressive low-light shots with Chrome Flash. Another interesting feature is the ability for the CPU to begin recording a video as soon as the subject crosses a line, which would be useful for races.

Another video posted by Qualcomm demonstrates the Ultra Sound NotePad, which uses a pen’s ultrasonic vibrations and translates it into on screen handwriting.

Check out the videos below. We’ll have a lot more coming from the CES show floor, as well.

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2 Responses to “Qualcomm releases videos showing off camera and pen capabilities of Snapdragon 805”

  1. Any Idea what the background music is? I like it very much..:)

  2. Thomas Vu says:

    This is incredible!