Overall, the HTC J Butterfly had a good showing in several different markets, so why not give it a follow up? HTC might be doing just that, as famed phone leaker @evleaks recently posted a render of a device referred to as the “HTC B2″ While there’s only a front-facing shot of this phone, it shows off a whole lot of display real estate. Also worth noting, is that unlike the successor to HTC’s other high-end handset, the B2 appears to be cutting back on the precious metals in favor of a more cost-effective build.

The original J Butterfly launched in Japan, however it eventually made its way to US soil in the form of the Droid DNA. So, if the B2 should make its way to North America, there’s a good chance that it may slightly different, but at least we have an idea of what might be on the way.

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One Response to “This might be the HTC J Butterfly 2”

  1. mobile4price says:

    HTC Butterfly good thing is resistant to dust and water and bad thing is price is high …