Google is at odds with German regulators that are accusing the company of pooling customer information without consent. Mountain View’s practice of storing data from web search histories, video viewing habits and other activities into a single group, has caused officials to step in and review the firms operations.

“By compiling data from its different services under a single user ID, Google has access to an in-depth personal profile of its users,” professor Johannes Caspar of Hamburg’s data protection office told Bloomberg. “Google has to respect its users’ right of self-determination.”

Google is trying to reach a compromise with the group, saying that its policies helps it create “simpler and more effective offers.” If the search giant can’t work things out with Caspar’s office, it may be forced to implement some serious changes. Google has spent several years blending its various platforms together. While linking services like Google+ and YouTube turned messy, the concept does have its advantages.

If unsuccessful, it’s unknown if Google will change its product setup or provide German users with an updated terms of service further advising them how their data might be shared. Something that we’ve already seen the company do on a few occasions.

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2 Responses to “Germany wants Google to separate user data across individual accounts”

  1. Bob Buchko says:

    A unified, in-depth profile of each user is the entire goal of Google. I can’t see them giving in to this.

    Hey, where’s my Google login capability, 9to5_GOOGLE_?

  2. well, this is a good idea. definitely. go germany