After announcing the 1Password 4 for Android beta back in November of last year, the long awaited update is arriving for all users on June 10. The company will also be experimenting with a new model upon release that will see users unlock features via in-app purchases after an initial free trial period:

It is an entirely new and full-featured app, built for both phones and tablets!… It is also an experiment. All new features will be unlocked and free for everyone to use through August 1, 2014. After that, 1Password 4 for Android will go into a reader mode, and all features can be unlocked for an in-app purchase

Rather than an update to the super outdated 1Password Reader app currently available on Google Play, the 1Password 4 will be a completely redesigned experience that will presumably closer resemble the feature set of the apps for Mac and iOS.

You can expect the app to arrive as a free download on June 10, but developer AgileBits didn’t go into detail about what specific features will require an unlock via in-app purchases. We’re guessing the free “reader mode” will consist of a feature set closer to the existing app.

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One Response to “1Password 4 for Android arriving June 10 w/ in-app purchases to unlock full features”

  1. nonyabiness says:

    1PW is a critical app for me on OSX and iOS. Now if Android can get Fantastical and PDF Expert, I may be able to jump ship.