Sergey Brin, Google, Code Conference

While on stage at the Code Conference, Google co-founder Sergey Brin talked Google Glass with Re/Code editors Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. When asked about the commercial availability of the product, Brin said that he hopes it will be available to all consumers by the end of the year. He remarked that “Google Glass will be a commercial product this year…plus or minus.” The timeline for Glass has been a bit cloudy since its announcement, but hopefully Google finally follows through this time around.

Glass went up for sale to the public via Google’s website earlier this year, but it’s still in a beta/Explorer phase. When it goes commercial, Google will presumably take the Explorer tag off the product and market it just like any other product. We also assume that the price of the device will be lowered from the current $1500 tag, especially seeing that it doesn’t cost anywhere near that to produce.

Brin also talked about how he prefers to use Google Glass outside and when asked about it being waterproof, he simply teased that it’s not waterproof “yet.” The Google cofounder and head Google X leader is still on stage at the event and we’re live blogging it all right here. He just unveiled a self-driving car with no steering wheel, so who knows what’s next. 

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