Sergey Brin Stories June 21, 2020

Last year, Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepped down from Alphabet. The Google co-founders have always occupied themselves with various side projects, with the latter having a “rapid response organization” that provides humanitarian aid around the world in a high-tech fashion.

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Sergey Brin Stories December 3, 2019

Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced this afternoon that current Google CEO Sundar Pichai is also taking on the role of Alphabet chief executive. This is described by the co-founders as a move to simplify management.

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Sergey Brin Stories June 10, 2019

Larry Page, Sergey Brin attended their first 2019 Google town hall last month

Back in April, it emerged that Larry Page and Sergey Brin had not attended a single Google town hall in 2019. A new report today revealed that the co-founders made an appearance at the weekly company meeting last month.

Sergey Brin Stories April 9, 2019

Google has historically maintained an open culture with employees having a lot of input into internal affairs. One aspect to this is a weekly “TGiF” town hall that is a company-wide broadcast. However, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin haven’t attended these meetings in 2019.

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Sergey Brin Stories February 25, 2019

Sergey Brin wanted to name ‘Satellite’ view in Google Maps ‘Bird Mode’

Over the weekend, Google Maps co-creator Bret Taylor shared a funny anecdote about the early days of the product. The Twitter thread tells the story of how Sergey Brin wanted to name what is widely known today as the “Satellite” map view “Bird Mode.”

Sergey Brin Stories April 30, 2018

Following last week’s Q1 2018 earnings, Alphabet has published its annual Founders’ Letter. Penned this year by Sergey Brin, it traditionally serves as an update on current progress and charts the company’s future. In 2017, machine learning is unsurprisingly the overarching narrative.

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