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Samsung’s advertisements are often inflated, but every now and then the company manages to get things right. Today, the outfit released a new marketing piece promoting its partnership with the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) and guess what? The ad is pretty darn good. Unlike previous efforts, there’s no mention of the competition and product placement is very subtle.

A far cry from the company’s commercials that spend time focusing on the iPhone and its of loyal brood of hipsters, Samsung’s new promo has a humble inspiring feel that will hopefully influence the rest of its ads going forward. However, we probably wouldn’t bet on that.

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5 Responses to “Samsung’s new cinematic ad focused on surfing features a cool Galaxy Gear and Galaxy S5 cameo”

  1. ece2x says:

    Wow! I am samsung user and a android fan. But looks like this video is inspired by iPhone .. LOL! It is so obvious Sam’s fanboy is trying hard to be iPhone. this video is prodigy of iPhone ads. :)

  2. This ad is a complete waste and doesn’t reflect anything about the brand Samsung.

  3. yuniverse7 says:

    To be fair, the ad was cool, but it really didn’t relate to anything samsung. Sure, it showed some gears from samsung, but it didn’t resonate with the image of Samsung at all.

  4. jrox16 says:

    Samsung ads fail to impress me. Kelly Slater is a well known iPhone lover/user (all his Tweets as recent as May are from an iPhone), so all this tells me is that Samsung has to pay iPhone loving celebrities to use their phones.

  5. rgbfoundry says:

    Yea, every day is “day one” when you’re waiting to see what Apple is going to do next.