Google breaks down how much email is encrypted during transit, launches End-to-End encryption tool

Google wants you to know exactly how much email you send and receive is encrypted during transit, so today it launched a new section in its Transparency Report that does exactly that:

When you mail a letter to your friend, you hope she’ll be the only person who reads it. But a lot could happen to that letter on its way from you to her, and prying eyes might try to take a look. That’s why we send important messages in sealed envelopes, rather than on postcards… Email works in a similar way. Emails that are encrypted as they’re routed from sender to receiver are like sealed envelopes, and less vulnerable to snooping—whether by bad actors or through government surveillance—than postcards.

Google notes that Gmail has always used encryption in transit using Transport Layer Security (TLS), but that doesn’t do much if the email client on the other end isn’t doing the same.  Around 40 to 50 percent of emails between Gmail and others aren’t encrypted, according to Google, and it provided the following chart of what services are using encryption: Read more

Google Shopping Express’ overnight delivery now available throughout Northern California


Google Shopping Express is now overnighting purchases in Northern California. Starting today, East Bay residents in Berkeley, Concord, Danville, Dublin, Fremont, Oakland, Pleasanton, Richmond and Walnut Creek can take advantage of the search giant’s slick delivery service. Further expanding its operations, the company says that in the next few months it plans to bring Google Shopping Express’ overnight service to the California-Oregon border, Fresno and Visalia.

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Motorola announces Moto Stream hardware for wirelessly streaming music to any speaker

Update: The Moto Stream is now live on Motorola’s website. It costs $49, uses Bluetooth and NFC technology to connect to devices, charges over USB, and has a 3.5mm to RCA connector for audio. Motorola also provides a bit more insight into this “DJ experience” it hinted at by describing a software feature called Heist Mode: Read more

Chromecast now streaming Google+ photos & video, WatchESPN, Major League Soccer, & Crunchyroll video

Google made a big announcement today for new content arriving for users of its $35 Chromecast HDMI streaming stick. The latest additions to the lineup include the WatchESPN app, Major League Soccer via the MLS Matchday app and MLS LIVE premium services, photos and video from Google+ apps, as well as TV and video content from the Crunchyroll video service: Read more

Google adds 64-bit Chrome support to its Windows Canary channel


Today, Google announced 64-bit Chrome support for Windows 7 and 8 users. Available through Mountain View’s Canary and Dev channels, these new additions will provide users with an enhanced browsing experience that improves Chrome’s speed, security and stability. In order to take advantage of Google’s new offerings, you’ll need to have a system capable of running 64-bit software, so make sure your setup is up to the task before clicking that install button.

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Google reveals DVF Made for Glass collection coming June 23rd

DVF 3A Google+ post on the official Glass page revealed a new collection of Glass accessories from fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. After the post went public, however, Google apparently deleted it. It’s possible the announcement went out a little early, but nothing on the Internet is ever truly gone.

Google X’s Jacob Barlow shared the post on his own page, thus preserving the announcement for all to see. The collection will be available for purchase on June 23rd. It will include five new frames eight sunglass models. You can find some more photos of the DVF collection below, along with the full announcement. Read more

Android 4.4.3 introduces new Dialer app with refreshed interface


Earlier this afternoon, Google posted factory images for the latest build of Android, Android 4.4.3, and as the update starts to rollout over the next few days, we’ll definitely start to hear of some of the changes. One of the updates in Android 4.4.3 appears to be to the dialer app. The dialer interface has been refreshed to introduce some of the lighter colors and general interface qualities that we’ve seen in other Google app updates. Back in April, Google itself leaked this interface in a tweet on the Nexus account.

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Google cutting its online coupon clipping business, Zavers


Google is pulling the plug on its online coupon cutting business known as Zavers. If you’re unfamiliar with this platform, don’t feel too bad, it’s only been around for a little over a year and a half. In its heyday, the soon to be defunct platform would let shoppers use online coupons at brick and mortar locations from participating retailers.

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Google expanding Chromebook availibility to nine new markets (update)


Since the very first CR-48 rolled off the assembly line, Google has billed its Chromebook platform as reliable but affordable alternative to buying a traditional laptop. Today, the company expanded on this idea by revealing plans to bring its next-gen netbook to nine new territories. Residents of New Zealand, the Philippines, Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Spain and Italy will soon have access to Google’s Chrome OS-powered platform.

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T-Mobile Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Android 4.4.3 updates now available


Today, T-Mobile announced that its Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices will be making the jump to Android 4.4.3. Available now, these small software patches are rolling out to the carrier’s versions of Google’s latest purebred Android gadgets, but they can be installed manually if patience isn’t your strong suit. To start the update process, tap All Apps, Settings, About device and Software update. Once installed, your Nexus 5 should reflect software version KTU84M. If you’ve also invested in last year’s Nexus 7, just repeat the process and your tablet’s software version should display as KTU84L upon completion.

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