Google Play Music update adds ability to create radio stations based on genre


An update is rolling out to the Google Play Music app that bumps it to version 5.2.1204L. Notably, the update adds the ability to create new radio stations based on music genres. Previously, the radio functionality was only available for use by songs, artists, or your past listening history. It’s important to note, however, that an All Access subscription is required for unlimited radio use. Both iTunes Radio and Pandora have had the genre-based station feature for sometime now, so this is a much welcomed feature for Google Music.

Also new in the update is an improved download queue. Now, you have the ability to pause, resume, and cancel songs that are being downloaded at any given time.

  • All Access Genre Radio is here! Go to Radio or Explore, pick your favorite genre and enjoy unlimited radio based on the music you love.
  • New download queue that allows pausing, resuming and canceling

The update is available now on the Play StoreRead more

Roku for Android app allows streaming of video to set-top box – from some devices


The latest Roku for Android app allows video as well as audio and photos to be streamed to a Roku set-top box – but only for a limited number of devices.

Play your video from select Android devices to your Roku player. Supported models include: Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 4, HTC One, and Nexus 7 (2012 model). Video playback requires Android 4.0 or later …  Read more

Google Glass XE9 update now rolling out with with vignettes, sound search, and more


In a post on Google+, the Google Glass team has just announced a new update for the wearable product that includes several new, highly requested features. First off, Google Glass now has the ability to make vignettes. Doing this will capture an image with the device’s actual camera, as well as whatever is on the device’s display at that specific time. It essentially shows exactly what you are seeing at any given time, both in the real world and on the glasses.

Next up, the search functionality on Glass has been improved. Now, whenever you search for a topic, YouTube videos will appear in the results, in addition to the normal text results. Also new is a sound search functionality, which offers a service very similar to that of an app like Shazam. At any given point, you can long press on the touchpad and then swipe forward to find out what song is currently playing.

Finally, this Glass update also introduces much needed support for Google Apps accounts. In order to switch your Glass to an Apps account, however, you must perform a factory reset and then re-login with that account.

The Glass XE9 update is rolling out now, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.  Read more

Google+ introduces WordPress and TypePad author integration, embeddable posts


Google has just announced a pair of new features for its Google+ social network, both of which are centered around sharing and creating more content. First off, Google+ now offers the ability to embed public posts from the service into any webpage. The embedded posts are fully functional and allow readers to +1 and comment on the post, as well as follow the original source. To embed a post, find a public Google+ post and click the drop-down arrow and find the ‘Embed Post’ option. From there, copy the given code onto your webpage and the post will appear.

With embedded posts, site owners can now add your public Google+ posts to their web pages — as a primary source, for example, or to highlight your point of view. Text, photo and media posts are all supported, and the embeds are fully interactive, so visitors can +1, comment and follow you inline.

Also new is integration between Google+ Sign-In and Google’s Authorship program. Now, if you are signed into either a Typepad or WordPress blog with your Google account, any articles you publish will automatically be associated with your Google+ profile. For instance, when your blog posts appear in Google Search or News, your name, profile image, and profile link will all be associated with the post. Currently this functionality is available only to WordPress and Typepad users, though Google is also working with, WikiHow, and Examiner to expand the feature.  Read more

Moto X ‘Lazy Phone’ ads highlight ‘no touch’ interface, quick look camera

Motorola just released a trio of humorous ads touting features of its Moto X phone that don’t come in other phones. Above, highlights the abilities of the Moto X to respond to voice commands without touching the device. Two more goodies below show the shake to camera and quick look features. Both are great. Read more