TiVo for Android updated with live and recorded TV streaming


Today, TiVo announced an update for its Android app that adds streaming support for live and recorded TV shows. This brings the Android application up to speed with its iOS counterpart, which received this functionality nearly a year ago. Compatible with most mobile gadgets running Jelly Bean or later, this software won’t work with Intel’s chips.

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Intel-owned Basis announces new Android-compatible ‘Peak’ smart watch


Basis, a company backed by Intel, has announced a new smart watch compatible with iOS devices that places a focus on health and fitness applications. The device is capable of keeping track of several health-related data points, such as steps, calories, heart rate, prespiration, the temperature of your skin, and in-depth information about your sleep habits.

The Peak doesn’t yet support basic smart watch features like email and text notifications, but Basis says those functions will come in a future software update.

The company says that the device will be available by the holidays. Pricing information hasn’t been revealed yet. You can see photos and the full press release for the Peak below:

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Google offering new Chromecast buyers 2 free months of Hulu Plus


When the Chromecast originally launched more than a year ago, early buyers were offered three free months of Netflix as a bonus. That offer quickly ran out, but various other deals have popped up since. Now, Google is giving anyone who buys a Chromecast from October 1st through the end of the year two free months of Hulu Plus.

Hulu Plus currently runs $7.99, meaning that you’re getting a $16 value with your Chromecast purchase. While Hulu may not have quite the selection of Netflix, that’s still a great offer when the Chromecast only costs $35 to begin with.

The offer will be redeemable through chromecast.com/offers during the set-up process for new Hulu Plus and Chromecast users beginning October 1st. Keep an eye on 9to5toys.com for the latest Chromecast deals, as well.

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Moto X 2014: Hands-on and first impressions (Video)


I’d like to introduce you to what some people are calling the best Android smartphone in 2014. Motorola’s 2014 Moto X is a great looking smartphone that also packs a punch in specifications when compared to its predecessor. Though I can’t call it “the best” at the moment, I’ll let you know how it performs overall in our full review coming up in the future.

Until then, we’re getting hands-on with Motorola’s new flagship and giving you a taste of what it’s all about. There’s no doubt that the second generation Moto X will be a step up over the previous version, but there is one big difference that might keep you away from it…

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Yelp, TripAdvisor, others team up against Google in new “Focus on the User” campaign

focus on the user

Google has long been the subject of antitrust complains and investigations in Europe, but now, some of the company’s competitors are starting to take note of its actions and step forward with their own issues. Yelp, TripAdvisor, and several other companies on Monday teamed up to launch a new website, Focus on the User, on which they express concerns regarding Google’s tendency to promote its own services at the expensive of its rivals. Which in turn, the companies argue, make it harder for customers to find Google’s competitors in results.

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OneDrive for Android updated with All Photos View and new file search features


Microsoft updated OneDrive for Android today with some new features that change the way users view photos saved to the company’s cloud storage service. Bringing the app up to speed with its counterparts, the software maker added All Photos View to its mobile application, along with some new search features that make it easier for business customers to locate specific files.

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OnePlus 2 confirmed for next year, company also considering smaller form factor


Despite the shaky launch of OnePlus’ first smartphone, the startup is currently working on a follow up device. During a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit, Carl Pei, Director of OnePlus Global revealed that a OnePlus 2 was in the works and that the company is targeting a release during Q2 or Q3 in 2015. In addition to confirming plans for a new smartphone, Pei said that OnePlus is entertaining requests for a smaller device, but he didn’t get into details.

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Adobe brings Creative Cloud to Chromebooks starting w/ ‘Project Photoshop Streaming’ beta


Google announced a new partnership with Adobe today that will see the companies bring Adobe’s suite of popular Creative Cloud apps to Chromebooks. Initially, Adobe will launch just the Photoshop app as a beta (pictured above) and make it available to only its education customers. 

The announcement notes that Adobe has a streaming version of Photoshop that’s “designed to run straight from the cloud” and fully integrated with Google Drive, but also appears to hint that the app will offer a full Photoshop experience that Creative Cloud users will be familiar with. In case you’re wondering how this streaming version of Photoshop will differ from the normal Creative Cloud experience, Adobe explains: Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch met with ‘screen gap’ manufacturing issue


It appears Samsung’s launch of its new Galaxy Note 4 is running into issues with a number of early customers in Korea reporting a manufacturing problem causing a large gap between the display the frame of the device. South Korean outlet IT Today first reported the controversy noting that the gap on the device is roughly the the thickness of a business card. As you’d probably imagine, that could be a big problem for dust, dirt and waterproofing features. Read more

Moto 360 owners are reportedly receiving improved battery life after last week’s software update


The Moto 360 is one of the most attractive Android Wear devices on the market, however owners of Motorola’s new smartwatch have had mixed feelings about its battery life. Last week the company pushed out a new software update that focused on Bluetooth connectivity and bug fixes, with the latter possibly improving the device’s power management.

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Google apparently aiming for tight control of Android Wear as crowdfunding campaign closed down


Google appears to be aiming for tight control over its Android Wear smartwatch platform as it asked crowdfunding site IndieGoGo to take down a campaign for a budget smartwatch, Com1, reports Android Police.

Com1 used stock images of Android Wear and the Android Wear trademark in its campaign page, which was taken down by IGG under the premise of an intellectual property infringement complaint by Google shortly after the campaign launched.

Since Google is known to have a relaxed attitude to use of its imagery, the motivation here appears to be control which companies are able to launch Android Wear devices …  Read more