YouTube Premium Stories March 9

HBO Max giving some subscribers three-month YouTube Premium trial 

The latest subscription service in recent months to provide a free extended trial of YouTube Premium is HBO Max. What’s interesting is how both offerings are more similar than not and somewhat compete for the same audience. 

YouTube Premium Stories January 18

In recent weeks, YouTube very quietly introduced an annual plan for YouTube Premium and Music Premium. It currently features a rather notable discount compared to paying every month, but that ends very soon.

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YouTube Premium Stories December 9, 2021

YouTube Premium members can get 3 months of Microsoft’s rebranded ‘PC Game Pass’ for free

Microsoft just announced that Xbox Game Pass for Windows PCs will get a new name, simply PC Game Pass. Barely an hour later, Google is already notifying YouTube Premium subscribers about an offer that gives three months of PC Game Pass for free.

YouTube Premium Stories October 20, 2021

Starting next month, YouTube Music is getting free background listening in a major revamp of the streaming service’s ad-supported tier. As part of that, the YouTube Music app is going audio-only and will no longer play videos if you don’t pay for Premium.

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YouTube Premium Stories August 17, 2021

YouTube Premium subscribers can now get 3 months of Stadia Pro for free

After we spotted it last month, Google Stadia is getting a new freebie. YouTube Premium subscribers are now being offered an extended Stadia Pro trial for free.

YouTube Premium Stories August 16, 2021

YouTube offers Discord Nitro free to some Premium subscribers, and vice versa too

YouTube Premium delivers an ad-free experience, background play, and several other features, but one of its more underrated perks might be the freebies that subscribers are sometimes offered. Right now, some YouTube Premium subscribers are getting an offer for a free extended trial of Discord Nitro.

YouTube Premium Stories August 2, 2021

Many complaints about the cost of a YouTube Premium subscription could soon be addressed with a new “YouTube Premium Lite” subscription tier that will provide ad-free video viewing at a new lower price.

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YouTube Premium Stories June 28, 2021

The latest update to Stadia for Android points to a promo for YouTube Premium members and includes more work toward using your phone as a controller for Stadia on your TV.

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YouTube Premium Stories June 2, 2021

In an update today, YouTube revealed that it paid $4 billion to the music industry over the last 12 months, while Premium and Music Premium subscriptions saw notable growth at the start of this year. 

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YouTube Premium Stories December 4, 2020

YouTube surveying Premium members about their favorite subscription feature

YouTube Premium — previously “Red” — has remained relatively unchanged for the past few years. Google is now surveying subscribers in the YouTube app on their favorite Premium feature.

YouTube Premium Stories November 16, 2020

Over the past few years, Google has offered perks for its paying YouTube Premium members, such as a free Nest Mini speaker. The latest promo lets YouTube Premium subscribers in the United Kingdom claim a Stadia Premiere Edition bundle for free.

Update 4: This offer is now available in Canada and select countries in the EU, after going out of stock in the US and UK.

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YouTube Premium Stories November 9, 2020

YouTube’s Premium and Music Premium subscriptions continue to add more members, and the Google company now has an interesting “Your Premium benefits” page with stats to quantify your usage.

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YouTube Premium Stories October 29, 2020

Back in February, Google provided an update on YouTube Music/Premium and YouTube TV subscribers. During Q3 2020 earnings, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced 30 million, ad-free paying members and another million for the cord-cutting service.

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YouTube Premium Stories May 29, 2020

In January, we spotted YouTube testing a new Premium perk that gives subscribers one free channel membership every month. The Google video site is now making this new benefit official for a limited time in five countries.

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YouTube Premium Stories May 4, 2020

YouTube Premium promotion for free Nest Mini was actually a glitch

This afternoon, the YouTube mobile apps alerted some Premium subscribers about a free Google Nest Mini promotion. None of those users have been able to redeem the offer, with the notification actually a “glitch.”

YouTube Premium Stories April 3, 2020

Accessing Stadia today requires purchasing the $129 Premiere Edition. However, Google and its partners have given out promo codes on more than one occasion since launch. The latest round sees some YouTube Premium subscribers receiving a three-month trial to Stadia Pro.

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YouTube Premium Stories February 3, 2020

During the Alphabet 2019 Q4 earnings call, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai provided an update on how many paid YouTube Music and Premium subscribers there are. There were also official figures for cord-cutting service YouTube TV.

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YouTube Premium Stories January 27, 2020

YouTube Premium today is comprised of ad-free and background playback of videos and music, as well as offline downloads. An upcoming perk could give subscribers paying $11.99 one free channel membership every month.

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YouTube Premium Stories December 16, 2019

[Update: Back again in UK] YouTube Premium subscribers can get a free Google Home Mini in some regions

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, it may be worthwhile checking the app right now to see if you have a free Google Home Mini gift waiting for you to claim.

YouTube Premium Stories December 13, 2019

Over the past 18 months, YouTube Premium and Music Premium has expanded around the world. Rolled out to India in March, the Google video site is particularly popular and competitive.

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YouTube Premium Stories November 26, 2019

YouTube TV subscribers new to YouTube Premium getting free 3 month trial

YouTube in the US offers two distinct subscription services with Premium and TV. Members of the latter that have never tried the former offering — or are currently unsubscribed — are now getting a free 3 month trial.

YouTube Premium Stories November 19, 2019

YouTube Premium and Music add prepaid plans for Indian subscribers

For subscribers in India, we have good news: YouTube Premium and YouTube Music now include prepaid plans for the streaming services.

YouTube Premium Stories September 11, 2019

[Update: Now in the Middle East] YouTube Premium expands to 7 further countries in Europe

YouTube Premium and Music now expands to a further seven European nations as the service continues to grow all over the globe and reach an even wider audience.

YouTube Premium Stories August 30, 2019

Back in May, YouTube confirmed that its Originals programming would soon be free with ads. In an email to Premium subscribers today, the Google video site provided a date for when this change will begin. expand full story

YouTube Premium Stories August 9, 2019

Students can get a 3-month trial of YouTube Premium and Music

YouTube’s paid Premium and Music services are a pretty good value on their own, but students can get an even better deal. YouTube Premium and Music are offering a 3-month trial of their half-price student plans.

YouTube Premium Stories August 2, 2019

It appears that YouTube is now adding the ability for Premium subscribers to now download videos in 1080p for the first time.

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YouTube Premium Stories June 5, 2019

Samsung ‘Galaxy Day’ promo offers full year of YouTube Premium w/ some models

It’s been ten years since the first Galaxy smartphone debuted, and Samsung is celebrating with a handful of promotions. Most notably, the company is offering a full year of YouTube Premium access with select Samsung Galaxy devices, including the S10 and Note 9.

YouTube Premium Stories April 18, 2019

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you could have received $2 in free Super Chat credit to help support YouTube content creators on their next live stream (via Android Police/@Sk1er_).

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YouTube Premium Stories March 13, 2019

YouTube Music and Premium rolling out to 14 nations including India, South Africa

Google’s premier streaming services, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have now rolled out to a further 14 nations as the service continues to expand since launching in May 2018.

YouTube Premium Stories March 8, 2019

Following Spotify and Samsung expanding their music partnership this morning, Google will give four months of YouTube Premium to Galaxy S10 owners. This deal will also be extended to the Galaxy Fold in April, while other Samsung devices will benefit from a similar offer until next year.

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YouTube Premium Stories November 27, 2018

Announced in May, the relaunched YouTube Music and rebranded Premium began widely rolling out a month later to several countries. Besides ad-free videos, a big part of the latter experience is access to YouTube Originals. However, the Google site will be moving to an ad-supported model for original content going forward.

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YouTube Premium Stories November 18, 2018

While YouTube has recently been pushing users to music and video subscriptions, as well as supporting favorite channels, the Google company is still introducing new ad-supported options. The video site in October started streaming movies like the “Terminator” and “Rocky” for free, but with occasional advertising.

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YouTube Premium Stories October 2, 2018

Google releases guide to prevent double-billing for YouTube and Play Music

The state of Google’s media services is currently a bit of a mess. The lines between Google Play Music and YouTube are blurred in somewhat confusing ways. This has caused double-billing issues for some, which Google has now addressed in a new support guide.

YouTube Premium Stories June 18, 2018

After soft launching in five existing Red countries this May, YouTube is beginning an international expansion of its newly revamped Music and Premium services. Now available in 17 countries, this includes Canada, Russia, France, and several other European nations, while it’s now widely accessible for users in current markets.

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YouTube Premium Stories June 1, 2018

How to sign up for YouTube Premium

Recently, Google announced that it would be shaking things up a bit and introduced YouTube Premium, replacing Red. With this, the company officially launched its YouTube Music streaming service and more. Here’s how to upgrade your account if you’re interested in trying out YouTube Premium and taking advantage of its various perks.

YouTube Premium Stories May 29, 2018

Google advertises latest YouTube Original by making first episode free via Assistant

With the announcement of YouTube Premium earlier this month, Google is planning more original content for its subscription service. The latest YouTube Original is arriving next week and cleverly being promoted through the Google Assistant.

YouTube Premium Stories May 22, 2018

After an announcement last week, the new YouTube Music is beginning to roll out. With a focus on personalized recommendations and a vast library, there are revamped Android and iOS apps, as well as a new desktop client.

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YouTube Premium Stories May 17, 2018

The revamped YouTube Music and new YouTube Premium were announced last night, but many questions linger ahead of the rolling launch next Tuesday. From questions about the family plan to Play Music membership, Google has provided us with several answers.

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YouTube Premium Stories May 16, 2018

With the merger of the YouTube and Play Music teams in early 2017, Google began laying the groundwork for a new service to “deliver the best possible product.” With the video network taking the lead on the new joint offering, a revamped YouTube Music is launching today. Meanwhile, Red is being replaced by a “Premium” tier that is slightly more expensive for new subscribers.

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Google opens sign-up page for early access to ‘new YouTube Music’

Following this evening’s report revealing that the new YouTube Music is coming soon, Google has launched a page where users can sign-up for early access. This new launch site reveals that the upcoming service will use the existing YouTube Music logo and branding.

For the past several months, a revamp to Google’s streaming music offerings has been widely rumored. A new report today pegs the launch of the revamped YouTube Music for next week, while YouTube Red and other video features will be replaced by a new “Premium” service.

Update: Google has officially announced the new YouTube Music and Premium.

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