Google Health Stories January 1

In November, Google Health detailed its mission to “help everybody live their healthiest life.” The division today published “initial findings” on using AI to improve breast cancer screening.

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Google Health Stories November 19, 2019

Last November, Google brought together all of its teams working on health under one division. Google Health has its own leader and is organizing both Google’s and Alphabet’s approach to the very important field. It’s been in the news this month for Project Nightingale, and Google is officially detailing its mission today.

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Google Health Stories November 12, 2019

Following reports of “Project Nightingale” coming to light, Google Cloud last night published a blog post detailing its “partnership with Ascension.” One large aspect sees the health provider move data to the cloud, while another sees the two companies working on future technology to improve patient care.

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Google Health Stories November 11, 2019

Beyond the acquisition of Fitbit earlier this month, Google’s health ambitions are multi-faceted and extend into services for hospitals and health providers. Such an effort named “Project Nightingale” was detailed today, along with the end product: “Patient Search.”

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Google Health Stories September 20, 2019

This has been a surprisingly busy week for the smartwatch and wearable industry. The history of the “Pixel Watch” was chronicled, while we learned that Google is not releasing a smartwatch at its hardware event next month. In addition to the Apple Watch Series 5 launching today, a report revealed that Fitbit is considering “whether it should explore a sale.”

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Google Health Stories September 18, 2019

DeepMind health team officially joins Google Health

In November, DeepMind announced that its Stream medical assistant would be joining Google Health. That transition is official today, and includes existing healthcare partners.

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