Google Nest Stories Today

In the past few weeks, Google’s Nest has suffered several outages that have taken down the service for up to a day. Now, Google has confirmed there’s yet another outage for Nest users that has taken down some portions of the service.

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Google Nest Stories March 27

A router failure saw some Google services briefly slow or go down yesterday, but was quickly resolved. Google Nest users this afternoon are encountering an outage affecting the Nest apps, Thermostat, and Cam Live Video.

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Google Nest Stories March 18

[Update: Fixed] Last night’s Google Nest outage still causing issues for some users

Earlier this year, Google’s Nest system experienced a major outage that resulted in lost history and even Google handing out refunds. Last night, another outage hit Google Nest owners that’s still affecting some users hours later.

Google Nest Stories March 14

The Google Home app has been getting revamped in a few ways to better support Nest devices and, now, the app is preparing to support emergency calling details on your smart speakers.

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Google Nest Stories February 27

Earlier this week, Google Nest was hit with a massive outage that not only took out live video, but even recording history for several hours. Understandably, many Nest users were outraged at this, but now Google is giving out refunds to paying Nest Aware subscribers as an apology for the outage.

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Google Nest Stories February 26

The Nest Hello made a surprise appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this evening. It’s not clear if there was actually a sponsorship, or whether Google’s smart doorbell was just a random prop.

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