Google Nest Stories September 1

All consumer tech requires good consumer support, and Google today just revamped its “Nest Community” where people can get help by posting questions.

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Google Nest Stories August 31

The latest Nest lineup brings new cameras and a doorbell, but these products don’t work with the original Nest app at all. The Google Home app is missing some key features, including the ability to get a manual clip from recordings or see live Nest Cam feeds through the web, but Google says both of these are coming.

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Google Nest Stories August 24

Do-it-yourself home security has been the way to go for many, with the costs of cameras and other smart home gear coming down and getting more reliable. Google’s Nest lineup has long been among the best in this arena even though it comes at a cost. After several years, Google is finally refreshing its Nest Cam lineup with the arrival of a brand-new lineup that’s headlined by the Nest Cam (battery). Is it a worthwhile upgrade? Let’s dig in.

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Google Nest Stories August 17

Google’s latest home security cameras ditch the aging Nest app and focus solely on the Google Home app, but what about users with older cameras too? Google has confirmed that the Home app will start showing Nest notifications for all cameras… at some point.

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Google Nest Stories August 13

Google and Sonos have been engaged in a semi-public feud over the past couple of years, which has seen some legal battles as well. Following a lawsuit started in early 2020, a preliminary ruling has been passed down that accuses Google of infringing on several Sonos patents.

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Google Nest Stories August 11

The new Nest Cam (battery) and Doorbell (battery) will launch on August 24 in several countries, and ahead of that Google has released videos showing the set-up process. We also get to see more of the Nest Cam with floodlight variant.

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Google Nest Stories August 5

One emerging critique of Google’s new camera lineup is focused on how the magnetic-only nature of Nest Cam (battery) means it can be easily stolen. A third-party Anti-Theft Mount is sold separately, but Google also maintains a Cam replacement policy. 

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Nest Hello rebranded to ‘Nest Doorbell (wired)’ and remain on sale as 24/7 recording model

The new Nest Doorbell (battery) offers a big upgrade with on-device machine learning powering free detection alerts and the presence of local storage. However, it lacks continuous video recording, so Google will keep selling the previous generation Nest Hello as the Nest Doorbell (wired).

The last security camera to come out of Google’s Nest brand was the Hello doorbell over three years ago. Google today announced a successor with the Nest Doorbell.

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With the current lineup featuring a model that dates back to 2015, Google’s security cameras are in sore need of a refresh. That call is now being answered with a new Nest Cam line that’s comprised of three devices.

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Google Nest Stories August 3

At the start of this year, Google said it would release a new security camera lineup in 2021. A leak, courtesy of the Google Store, this afternoon reveals a “Nest Doorbell” and trio of new Nest Cam models.

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Google Nest Stories August 1

Nest Thermostat Energy History missing from Nest app, Google working on fix

Over the weekend, Nest Thermostat owners using the Nest app have reported that Energy History is missing. This widespread issue comes as that data remains available on the actual device and in Google Home.

Google Nest Stories July 28

[Update: Fixed] Nest outage takes down logins, live video, more

Just a month after a previous major outage, Google Nest is experiencing another major outage in July 2021 that’s taking down live video, video history, and more.

Google Nest Stories July 13

Outside of Assistant displays and speakers, as well as thermostats and Wi-Fi routers, Google’s smart home lineup is quite old and due for an overhaul. Google looks to be laying the groundwork for that by selling out of the Nest Detect and removing product listings for the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor.

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Google Nest Stories July 12

After an update last month focused on Wi-Fi management, the latest version of the Google Home app greatly improves the Nest Hello experience with more controls.

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Google Nest Stories June 29

Privacy and security are hugely important for home security devices such as cameras, and today, Google Nest is committing further to building up security and privacy including a new promise of at least five years of support.

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Google Nest Stories June 28

Google Nest Cam outage sees live video and history go down for some

Some Nest Cam owners this evening are unable to access live video or history with devices returning an offline status. This looks to be a separate issue from another one earlier today.

Google Nest Stories June 8

Google last month started to sell a $24.99 accessory for Thermostat owners with otherwise incompatible setups. Some are now being offered a free Nest Power Connector to resolve their issues.

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Google Nest Stories May 19

Just last week, Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) was rebranded ahead of the first devices launching later this year. Google, at I/O 2021, announced support for Matter on Android and Google Nest devices.

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While there’s no hardware presence at I/O 2021, Made by Google today did release the Nest Power Connector as a “simple and affordable alternative to a C wire” for Thermostat setups that require consistent power.

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Google Nest Stories May 10

Google shares one heartwarming reason to get vaccinated as captured by a Nest Hello [Video]

Back in March, Google kicked off a “Get back to what you love” Search campaign. The latest iteration of that message to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine comes from Made by Google and was captured by a Nest Hello.

Google Nest Stories May 3

At the end of March, Made by Google started shipping its latest Smart Display in six countries. Google will be making the new Nest Hub (2nd gen) more widely available in Europe next month.

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Google Nest Stories April 16

With a relative lull until the next wave of product launches, the Google Store is starting to show reviews and ratings. An early effort, it’s not clear where the reviews are being sourced from as you can’t leave them directly on the site.

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Google Nest Stories April 13

In late 2020, Google announced a massive long-term partnership with renowned home security company ADT, and now, we’re seeing the first part of that deal come to fruition. More ADT security systems now work with Google Assistant, and ADT is now selling select Nest gear.

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Google Nest Stories April 10

Back in January, Google told us that it would release a “new lineup of security cameras for 2021” following the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor going out of stock. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is now similarly sold out.

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Google Nest Stories March 31

At the start of the year, the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max started playing a new sound following a successful Casting connection, and that updated chime is now appearing on Google Home and Nest speakers.

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Google Nest Stories March 30

Version 2.35 of the Google Home app is rolling out on Android and iOS with some user-facing tweaks. The Home companion client today also reveals the backside of a new Google Nest device, which could be a next-generation Hello doorbell.

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Technology today is already quite assistive, from location-aware reminders to notifications telling you when to leave, factoring in live traffic conditions. In fact, that’s now the base level of usefulness we expect from our gadgets. After using Google’s 2nd-gen Nest Hub for the past week, I experienced the next level of computers passively suggesting what improvements can be made in your life, and it will take some time to get used to.

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Google Nest Stories March 18

Besides music and relaxing sounds, Google’s Assistant devices are frequently used for podcasts. However, a bug has emerged in the past few days that sees Google Home and Nest speakers play the wrong podcast.

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Google Nest Stories March 17

[Update: Fixed] Google Nest outage takes down live video and history on Hello Doorbell, Cam IQ

If you’re getting notifications from Nest that some of your cameras are offline, you’re not alone. Nest has confirmed a partial outage today that seems to be affecting some cameras, especially the Nest Hello video doorbell.

Google Nest Stories March 16

In deciding to not put a camera on what was initially called the Home Hub, Google made its first Assistant Smart Display ideal for nightstands. The new 2nd-generation Nest Hub is further embracing that role with Sleep Sensing to track your rest. Otherwise, it looks the same and is not that much more expensive than the original.

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Google Nest Stories February 23

Back in 2019, the Nest website stopped listing products and sent buyers to the Google Store. That original brand has almost entirely been replaced by Google Nest at this point, with no more today as part of a Store redirect.

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Google Nest Stories February 10

‘Nest Thermostat E + Goodman’ is Google’s first co-branded HVAC product

The Nest Thermostat is Google’s cheapest offering in that smart home category partly because the Thermostat E is no longer available for regular consumers to buy. Now limited to Nest Pro installers, Google late last month announced the “Nest Thermostat E + Goodman.”

Google Nest Stories January 27

‘Google Nest’ social accounts will be replaced by unified ‘Made by Google’ presence

Made by Google is comprised of several brands, including Pixel, Pixelbook, and Nest. The latter — fully known as “Google Nest” — is losing its social media accounts next month in a move that will see all of Google hardware communicate from one unified account.

Google Nest Stories January 17

Back in June, Google made its energy saving tuning program available to all Nest Thermostat owners after previously restricting to certain partner public utilities. The wider availability of Seasonal Savings is continuing this winter with Nest Thermostats starting to show the prompt.

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Google Nest Stories January 14

The Nest brand has built up a considerable collection of smart home hardware, and starting next year, that hardware is getting a new feature. All Google Nest devices will soon be supported in the Samsung SmartThings app.

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Google Nest Stories January 12

Old Nest Aware users have not been billed in recent months due to error, charges forthcoming

Last year, Google revamped Nest Aware with a fixed pricing model but allowed customers to stick to the previous structure. Due to a billing error, some users still on that old plan have not had to pay for Nest Aware since November, but they should expect a charge in the coming weeks following that delay.

Google Nest Stories January 5

Following our report that the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is out of stock, Google today confirmed that it’s sold out. Nest also revealed to 9to5Google that it’s planning a “new lineup of security cameras for 2021.”

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Google Nest Stories December 23, 2020

Nest x Yale Lock, Detects are being disconnected due to faulty Nest Hub Max update [U]

The Nest x Yale Lock makes it pretty easy to secure your door using Assistant or your phone, but some users encountered an issue recently. In an email going out to some users this week, Google admits that a recent Nest Hub Max update causes some Nest x Yale Locks to disconnect.

Google Nest Stories December 21, 2020

In late October, Google released a statement committing to continued software support for the Nest Secure. As part of that, it promised that more Nest Detect sensors would be coming by the end of 2020, but the Google Store will no longer be hitting that deadline following a delay.

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Google Nest Stories December 9, 2020

Last September, Made by Google started offering refurbished products at slightly discounted prices. The two initial offerings went out of stock quite a long time ago, and the US Google Store is now expanding the refurbished lineup to include Nest smart home products.

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Google Nest Stories December 7, 2020

After suffering an outage last month, Nest is having issues yet again tonight. If you’re having problems with your Nest Cams specifically, know that you’re not alone, and Google is working on the outage.

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Google Nest Stories December 3, 2020

Back in August, Google announced a security-focused strategic partnership with ADT to “create the next generation of the helpful home.” CEO Jim DeVries told CNBC yesterday that ADT will “roll out with Google products in the third quarter of 2021.”

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Google Nest Stories November 17, 2020

It’s not just you. Nest is down again, with this November outage taking down the original mobile app as well as some Nest devices.

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Google Nest Stories November 16, 2020

Whether you’re trying to save on energy usage, set a schedule, or just make it more convenient to adjust the temperature of your home, the Nest Thermostat line has been available for years to do it all. Now, the Nest Thermostat (2020) has hit the market with a new design, updated software, and the most affordable price to date. Here’s what you need to know.

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Google Nest Stories November 14, 2020

Nest Thermostat includes color-matching AAA batteries, just like the new Chromecast

Besides the price and ease of use, Google is positioning its new thermostat to first-time smart home buyers by offering it in four colors. One whimsical aspect of the Nest Thermostat’s design is the use of color-matching batteries.

Google Nest Stories November 9, 2020

It’s been quite some time since Google announced that the “Works with Nest” program would be shut down and replaced, but the effects are still being felt. Next week, Philips Hue is dropping support for Works with Nest.

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Google Nest Stories October 30, 2020

Earlier this year, Google started testing HVAC monitoring capabilities for Nest Thermostats. The feature was highlighted with the launch of the new Nest Thermostat and is officially rolling out to all existing and current devices in the US and Canada.

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