Google Nest Stories May 20

At I/O 2019, Google Nest was announced as Made by Google’s new unified smart home brand. A new “wireless camera” has just arrived at the FCC in line with a past rumor that Google is gearing up to launch a new Nest Cam in 2019.

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Google Nest Stories May 16

Last week at Google I/O, some new details regarding the Nest brand were shared. Specifically, Google announced that it was bringing the Nest and Home brands under one roof as “Google Nest.” One change that had users up in arms, though, was the shutdown of the “Works with Nest” program. Today, Google has posted an update on what that shutdown means.

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Google Nest Stories May 15

The NBA Western Conference Finals kicked off last night with the Golden State Warriors beating the Portland Trail Blazers. The just rebranded “Google Nest” took Game 1 as an opportunity to give away nearly 20,000 Home Minis to the crowd at Oracle Arena.

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Google Nest Stories May 9

Google I/O finally delivered the “Nest Hub Max” smart display, and also confirmed the new Google Nest branding. Replacing Google Home, this new branding is set to take over almost all of Google’s smart home products, and as of tonight, the company has started extending that branding over to products already on the market.

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Google Nest Stories May 7

At I/O 2019, Google announced that moving forward its smart home products would be branded under “Nest.” The Home Hub became the Nest Hub, while the first product from this initiative is the Nest Hub Max. Meanwhile, Google confirmed that Home speakers will get Nest branding in the future, while Nest Accounts will be migrated to Google Accounts to address recent security issues.

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Google Home Hub rebranded as Nest Hub, now available in 12 new markets starting at $129

The renamed and rebranded Home Hub is now the Google Next Hub with the price now starting at just $129 with availability now increased to a further 12 markets globally alongside support for nine more languages.

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