Google Nest Stories May 3

Following last year’s introduction of revamped Cams and Doorbell, Google is now letting Amazon users control 2021 Nest products with Alexa.

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Google Nest Stories April 21

Following last week’s spotlight and initial discount, the Google Store is running a number of Nest smart home deals for Earth Day. 

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Google Nest Stories April 5

Last year, Google introduced a new Bug Hunters platform to encompass all its Vulnerability Reward Programs. An expanded “Android and Google Devices Security Reward Program” now brings Nest and Fitbit into the fold with Pixel.

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Google Nest Stories March 24

To date, Google has released three Assistant Smart Displays. 9to5Google can now report that the company is working on a new Nest Hub for 2022 with a dockable tablet form factor where the screen detaches from a base/speaker.

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Google Nest Stories February 18

Over cold Winter months, many owners of Google’s new battery-powered Nest Doorbell and Nest Cameras have found that severe battery drain and slow charging are commonplace as cold temperatures set in. Now, Google is clarifying how these products should work in low temperatures.

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Google Nest Stories February 4

Google Nest Doorbell gets two limited-time ringtones for Lunar New Year

The Google Nest Doorbell got a refresh last year with a new battery-powered model and also the promise of new support. Now, the Google Nest Doorbell is getting a couple of limited-time ringtones for the Lunar New Year.

Google Nest Stories January 21

While they have their shortcomings, there’s a lot to love about Google’s latest lineup of Nest Cameras and the new Nest Doorbell, the battery especially. However, it seems a lot of Nest Camera and Nest Doorbell owners up north are having battery issues in the cold weather with these products.

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Google Nest Stories January 13

Google Assistant speakers and Chromecast-compatible products were hit with some big changes last week, as Google lost a lawsuit from Sonos that required the company to make some changes. Now, the “Device Utility” app Google built to work around those changes is being review-bombed as users express their discontent with the alterations.

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Google Nest Stories December 16, 2021

The latest batch of Google Nest cameras bring a lot to the table when it comes to new features, but as we’ve said in our reviews so far, they’re held back by the Google Home app. Luckily, Google is working on it. Today, Google is rolling out an update that brings navigation controls to the event timeline in the Home app for Nest cameras.

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Google Nest Stories December 9, 2021

Apple Music for Google Nest, Home is now available in Canada & 4 more countries

A year after Apple Music first became available on Google Nest and Home devices, the streaming service is now supported in five more countries. 

Google Nest Stories December 3, 2021

Do-it-yourself home security has been the way to go for many, with the costs of cameras and other smart home gear coming down and getting more reliable. Google’s Nest lineup has long been among the best in this arena even though it comes at a cost. After several years, Google is finally refreshing its Nest Cam lineup with the arrival of a brand-new lineup that’s headlined by the Nest Cam (battery). Is it a worthwhile upgrade? Let’s dig in.

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Google Nest Stories December 2, 2021

As has been the case for a few years running, Google is currently rolling out its holiday-themed ringtones to Nest Doorbells, this year with a special addition.

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Google Nest Stories November 18, 2021

Smart home cameras are an easy way to add a layer of security to your home or to just keep an eye on things remotely. Google’s Nest Cam lineup has long fulfilled that purpose, but in the six years since its previous indoor camera release, the competition has stepped up. Finally, Google has released a new Nest Cam (wired) for a lower price than ever, but the choice isn’t as clear as it used to be.

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Google Nest Stories November 3, 2021

[Update: Fixed] Google Nest outage taking some Cams, Secure/Guards, and Thermostats offline

Owners of various Google Nest products this evening are reporting sporadic outages with their smart home devices. While not all users are impacted, a wide range of devices are going offline. 

Google Nest Stories November 1, 2021

After leaving its lineup stagnant for years, Google finally brought new Nest products to the market this year in the form of new cameras and an updated doorbell. However, Google is also in the process of moving Nest owners from one app to another, and in the meantime, owners with both generations of products are left in a place where everything is confusing and frustrating.

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Google Nest Stories October 18, 2021

Google’s updated Nest Cam products come with several advantages such as offline storage, battery power, and lower prices. However, they also come with some frustrating problems including the current lack of support for streaming Nest Cam video to Chromecast or Android TV.

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Google Nest Stories October 6, 2021

As part of a company-wide effort to let users make “more sustainable choices,” Google is introducing “Nest Renew.” This service lets Nest Thermostat owners prioritize clean energy when heating and cooling.

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Google Nest Stories October 5, 2021

Around two months after their announcement, Google is releasing the latest two cameras in its revamped Nest lineup. The Google Nest Cam Floodlight and Nest Cam Indoor are now available starting at $99.

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Google Nest Stories October 1, 2021

Most smart home gear isn’t for everyone, but a smart doorbell is a piece of tech that arguably most folks should have installed. Google’s Nest Hello was one of the best options for a smart doorbell for years, but it came at a hefty cost and, as the competition improved, fell behind on many features. The new Nest Doorbell brings an updated design, a built-in battery, and several more new features. 

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Google Nest Stories September 29, 2021

The latest Nest lineup brings new cameras and a doorbell, but these products don’t work with the original Nest app at all. The Google Home app is missing some key features, including the ability to get a manual clip from recordings or see live Nest Cam feeds through the web, but Google says both of these are coming.

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In launching the new Nest Doorbell (battery) in early August, Google also rebranded the old Nest Hello and continued selling it. Google today told customers that it’s launching a second-generation Nest Doorbell (wired) in 2022.

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Google’s Nest doorbell lineup is about to take part in a yearly tradition of custom ringtones to celebrate the holidays. Alongside those yearly tones, though, Google has also confirmed that it will finally be expanding ringtone options on the Nest Doorbell.

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Google launched its first new Nest Cam in years in August, but the lineup is still in the process of expanding. A new Nest Cam with Floodlight has been scheduled for some time now, and it has just unexpectedly started shipping from Best Buy ahead of the Google Store release.

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Google Nest Stories September 1, 2021

All consumer tech requires good consumer support, and Google today just revamped its “Nest Community” where people can get help by posting questions.

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Google Nest Stories August 17, 2021

Google’s latest home security cameras ditch the aging Nest app and focus solely on the Google Home app, but what about users with older cameras too? Google has confirmed that the Home app will start showing Nest notifications for all cameras… at some point.

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Google Nest Stories August 13, 2021

Google and Sonos have been engaged in a semi-public feud over the past couple of years, which has seen some legal battles as well. Following a lawsuit started in early 2020, a preliminary ruling has been passed down that accuses Google of infringing on several Sonos patents.

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Google Nest Stories August 11, 2021

The new Nest Cam (battery) and Doorbell (battery) will launch on August 24 in several countries, and ahead of that Google has released videos showing the set-up process. We also get to see more of the Nest Cam with floodlight variant.

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Google Nest Stories August 5, 2021

One emerging critique of Google’s new camera lineup is focused on how the magnetic-only nature of Nest Cam (battery) means it can be easily stolen. A third-party Anti-Theft Mount is sold separately, but Google also maintains a Cam replacement policy. 

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Nest Hello rebranded to ‘Nest Doorbell (wired)’ and remain on sale as 24/7 recording model

The new Nest Doorbell (battery) offers a big upgrade with on-device machine learning powering free detection alerts and the presence of local storage. However, it lacks continuous video recording, so Google will keep selling the previous generation Nest Hello as the Nest Doorbell (wired).

The last security camera to come out of Google’s Nest brand was the Hello doorbell over three years ago. Google today announced a successor with the Nest Doorbell.

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With the current lineup featuring a model that dates back to 2015, Google’s security cameras are in sore need of a refresh. That call is now being answered with a new Nest Cam line that’s comprised of three devices.

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Google Nest Stories August 3, 2021

At the start of this year, Google said it would release a new security camera lineup in 2021. A leak, courtesy of the Google Store, this afternoon reveals a “Nest Doorbell” and trio of new Nest Cam models.

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Google Nest Stories August 1, 2021

Nest Thermostat Energy History missing from Nest app, Google working on fix

Over the weekend, Nest Thermostat owners using the Nest app have reported that Energy History is missing. This widespread issue comes as that data remains available on the actual device and in Google Home.

Google Nest Stories July 28, 2021

[Update: Fixed] Nest outage takes down logins, live video, more

Just a month after a previous major outage, Google Nest is experiencing another major outage in July 2021 that’s taking down live video, video history, and more.

Google Nest Stories July 13, 2021

Outside of Assistant displays and speakers, as well as thermostats and Wi-Fi routers, Google’s smart home lineup is quite old and due for an overhaul. Google looks to be laying the groundwork for that by selling out of the Nest Detect and removing product listings for the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor.

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Google Nest Stories July 12, 2021

After an update last month focused on Wi-Fi management, the latest version of the Google Home app greatly improves the Nest Hello experience with more controls.

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Google Nest Stories June 29, 2021

Privacy and security are hugely important for home security devices such as cameras, and today, Google Nest is committing further to building up security and privacy including a new promise of at least five years of support.

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Google Nest Stories June 28, 2021

Google Nest Cam outage sees live video and history go down for some

Some Nest Cam owners this evening are unable to access live video or history with devices returning an offline status. This looks to be a separate issue from another one earlier today.

Google Nest Stories June 8, 2021

Google last month started to sell a $24.99 accessory for Thermostat owners with otherwise incompatible setups. Some are now being offered a free Nest Power Connector to resolve their issues.

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Google Nest Stories May 19, 2021

Just last week, Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) was rebranded ahead of the first devices launching later this year. Google, at I/O 2021, announced support for Matter on Android and Google Nest devices.

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While there’s no hardware presence at I/O 2021, Made by Google today did release the Nest Power Connector as a “simple and affordable alternative to a C wire” for Thermostat setups that require consistent power.

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Google Nest Stories May 10, 2021

Google shares one heartwarming reason to get vaccinated as captured by a Nest Hello [Video]

Back in March, Google kicked off a “Get back to what you love” Search campaign. The latest iteration of that message to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine comes from Made by Google and was captured by a Nest Hello.

Google Nest Stories May 3, 2021

At the end of March, Made by Google started shipping its latest Smart Display in six countries. Google will be making the new Nest Hub (2nd gen) more widely available in Europe next month.

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Google Nest Stories April 16, 2021

With a relative lull until the next wave of product launches, the Google Store is starting to show reviews and ratings. An early effort, it’s not clear where the reviews are being sourced from as you can’t leave them directly on the site.

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Google Nest Stories April 13, 2021

In late 2020, Google announced a massive long-term partnership with renowned home security company ADT, and now, we’re seeing the first part of that deal come to fruition. More ADT security systems now work with Google Assistant, and ADT is now selling select Nest gear.

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Google Nest Stories April 10, 2021

Back in January, Google told us that it would release a “new lineup of security cameras for 2021” following the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor going out of stock. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is now similarly sold out.

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Google Nest Stories March 31, 2021

At the start of the year, the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max started playing a new sound following a successful Casting connection, and that updated chime is now appearing on Google Home and Nest speakers.

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Google Nest Stories March 30, 2021

Version 2.35 of the Google Home app is rolling out on Android and iOS with some user-facing tweaks. The Home companion client today also reveals the backside of a new Google Nest device, which could be a next-generation Hello doorbell.

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