Google Nest Stories September 21

Instead of introducing new boxes right away, the Google Nest rebrand has been rolling out to retail packaging via stickers. After the Nest Hub and Hello, these markers are now appearing on Nest Cams and Thermostats.

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Google Nest Stories September 13

Google’s Nest Hub is easily one of the best smart displays on the market (and with record low prices as of late), but that makes selling a much more expensive version pretty difficult. Google is trying to do that with the Nest Hub Max by combining three different products into one and, for the most part, it actually succeeds.

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Google Nest Stories September 11

One of the new products we’re expecting to see alongside the Pixel 4’s launch next month is the Nest Mini. As we exclusively reported, the Google Nest Mini should bring a handful of improvements, but based on the latest information, it seems like the design won’t change much at all.

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Google Nest Stories September 9

Months after its reveal at Google I/O 2019, the Nest Hub Max is finally here. The larger cousin of the adorable original comes with a bigger screen and better sound, but the real killer feature is Face Match. Here are some quick impressions on the Nest Hub Max ahead of our full review.

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Announced at I/O 2019 in May, the Google Nest Hub Max is available today from the Google Store and other retailers. The Made by Google Smart Display is simultaneously launching in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

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Google Nest Stories September 6

Google Nest Hub Max ships and arrives early from one U.S. retailer

Google just over a month ago said the Nest Hub Max would be available on September 9th. Just ahead of that date, one lucky customer has already received the Made by Google Smart Display and unboxed it.

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