Mobilized is reporting that virtualization specialists BlueStacks is building an emulator that will allow PC users to run Android apps on their PCs.  The emulator has been known about for months.  But it will get its first public demos at Citrix Synergy conference on Wednesday.

Now, they are ready to share their idea publicly. BlueStacks plans to show off its technology at the Citrix Synergy conference on Wednesday, as well as detail its ambitions plan to convince PC makers to load their software on new computers, ideally enabling tens of millions of Windows computers to run Android apps over the next couple of years.

Sure you can already do this already – heck, you can probably install a working version of Android over Windows, on another partitian or in a VMWare instance.  Android does run on Wintel hardware after all.  But BlueStack looks like it makes the job simple and more importantly, they are working with OEMs to get their software pre-installed

Interestingly, it will likely also be able to run on Windows 7/8 tablets – which means that Windows tablets could run Android Apps – thats both good for developers and possibly Windows 7 tablet users but might not be so great for Google.

So Android Apps will run on Android, QNX tablets and now Windows 7.  That means developing for Android means that you have access to most of the world’s computing users.

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